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International contests? Answered

Can anyone tell me if there will be international contests...ever? I see all these new cool contests but unfortunately they are all US+Canada (-Quebec). Is this site slowly turning into an exclusive club?


Can't wait to be able to join the contests from germany :)
-like many more I guess^^


6 years ago

I vote for Croatia! :P Hope you Have some more people from here!
How do you even know how many of us are there? I mean, i know how you can know, but are you counting?
Btw; Tnx for the Halloween postcard!

The vultures in suits lawyers are working on the problem, country by country.

Unfortunately, there are not so many members from Eastern Europe, so you will be lower down the list.

Good news, though - you can enter this contest right now.

Oh, indeed!

I'm still running my own contest, though.


6 years ago

We just added Australia and the UK this week, and I'm working on adding more countries. The problem is that every country has its own set of (often very weird) rules regarding contests, so we've got to work through them one by one.

See this forum topic for more info, and this topic to see what we're doing for you in the meantime.

Extra countries are slowly being added. Australia and the UK have been added to the newest contests. For people elsewhere, I guess it's just a case of waiting till they get to your country.