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International entries Answered

Hi i am from Australia and i am not quite sure what krylon is, and i am pretty sure we dont have it over here. so if i wanted to enter the competition what would i use instead of krylon?


Sherwin williams Products are the best ...hard to find here in colombia but I found it in a huge mall.

I got Krylon in Argentina.
Surely there must be elsewhere.


Krylon = spray paint
.  A quick look at their web site leads me to believe that they only do business in the US and Canada.
.  According to the Krylon Summer Projects Contest page: "International entries are accepted" and "So, for the Summer Projects Contest the only requirement is that you use some Krylon product along the way. It can be an accent or a radical new paint job or some protection, it's up to you!"

please feel free to submit a krylon rleated project. we'll send you a nice prize if it's fun! Lee@instructables.com