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Internet Lag? Answered

I've had a lot of success with questions on this site so I thought I would ask this one. My internet works fine most of the time. I have one computer that has a modem and router hooked up to it for internet. I also have another computer that is wireless in the next room over, and an xbox that can go wireless or wired (mostly wired). The wireless computer can always be connected, but the the other computer (with the modem and router) has to be disconnected if I want to play xbox online. If I don't disconnect it, I will lag all over the place while trying to play some Call Of Duty on xbox. Yet the wireless computer doesn't affect it what-so-ever. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or why it is happening? Thanks.


Sounds like your network and ip addresses on the pcs are misconfigured. Not a clear picture of what you have - does modem refer to DSL, dial-up or cable? What is acting as the wireless access point? How is the router configured and how many ports are available for plug in?

Thanks for the response. I have a cable modem. The wireless access point would most likely be the router since I am not sure what else it could be. I'm not sure how to explain how the router is configured, but as for the ports, there is normally 4 ports to output internet and 1 for input (Obviously). 1 Port goes to my computer and another goes to the xbox.

Ok I finally fixed it. After about 2 hours of googling I tried something that wasn't even to fix my problem, but it looks like it worked :)

You should connect to the router as an admin and monitor the traffic (number of packets in and out, at a minimum) when the wired machine is connected vs. disconnected. Collect the same data while the machine boots up from a shutdown, and when different applications are running.

My suspicion is that you either have some malware floating around on that machine (you do have active anti-virus software running and up to date on all your machines, of course), or it is configured incorrectly.

If the machine is configured to do some sort of IP broadcast, or to check for software updates too frequently, it can flood your low-bandwidth internal network.

Thanks for the response. I would try to moniter the traffic, but I am not sure how to. I have recently done a clean reinstall of Windows 7 so I don't think it's a malware problem. I have also opened a few ports for xbox live hoping that that would solve the issue, but it neither helped or made it worse. How would I check if it was doing extra work such as ip broadcasting?