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Internet Not Working Sporadically Answered

Hi, I am using my laptop which is plugged into the internet via a cable as is my brother respectively in his room, our internet often comes up with an 'error, could not load' page when we try to access websites and then after a few seconds will sometimes load again but often does not manage to load web pages fully, my mother and other brother are also using the internet via a cable plugged in and their internet is perfectly fine. We have both tried switching to wifi or switching cables or changing our firewalls and nothing seems to work, it is also equally problematic whether there is 1 or 5 people using the internet, does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem could be or how to fix it? Thanks 


As a newbie you should understand, making the same suggestion as somebody else makes you look like a Best Answer thief because you get placed on top of someone who came up with the virus idea first...

Obviously you did not bother to read travislikestolearn's comment.

thanks for all the suggestions, we are trying using the DNS of the service provider instead of the router and will see if it makes a difference.


1 year ago

After all of this good advice there is one more thing that could be the big problem. Malware. It slows systems and internet down and sometimes even causes it to not work at all. Get Malwarebytes from the company web site and run it several times to remove everything that is possibly causing problems. It's free. Do it first before anything else. And if your computer can't download it (often it is blocked by malware to prevent you from getting the program, download it on another computer and install it from a pen drive. Install it on all the computers and run it on all of them.


Just to double check a few points (forgive me for going over anything you've already said, it's just important for clarity):

You have 4 computers, 2 of which work without a problem, the other 2 have the sporadic internet connectivity problem?

When the 2 problematic ones experience the issue are there any apparent patterns? (i.e. do they both experience the issue at the same time? does it only happen if they are both on at the same time?)

You mention that all 4 are hard wired with an ethernet cable, are they all wired directly back to the router? Do you have any other network equipment in place such as a switch/hub? Any cable splitters or doublers in place?

What happens if you swap one of the problematic computers with one of the working computers (i.e. switch the cables)?

It will also be worth checking the network configuration of each computer, to do this: open a command prompt window by typing cmd into the windows search bar (bottom left of the screen) and select command prompt from the results.

Note: On older operating systems you may need to click START>>RUN>> then type cmd and click Ok. If you have a Mac, oh well!

In the black command prompt box type ipconfig /all and press enter, it should show a bunch of results, but you are looking for the following items in particular:
IPv4 Address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway, DHCP Server, DNS Server.

The mask, gateway, dhcp and dns details should be the same for all of the computers and would usually be something similar to: or or, the IPv4 address however should be different for each computer (i.e. 192.168.0.XX), the last digits are unique.

Check all of the above and post an update when you get a chance.

Another issue could be a virus or issues with your system. I had a problem on one of my computers that was hardwired and had similar issues to yours, sometimes pages would load, sometimes they wouldn't and sometimes they would take forever. Also, got to the point when adding an attachment in yahoo mail it would take forever or simply not work. I completely scrapped and reloaded my operating system and it fixed a lot of connection and sporadic problems.

Before you jump the gun in such setups it makes sense to actually check the network configuration first!
Most people don't bother due to a lack of knowledge or being lazy.
The result can be that two or even more connected devices get the same internal IP address assigned.
The router will still provide the data requested but it takes a lot of time to figure out where to send it if there is another computer with the same IP.
Similar story for the DNS configuration.
If left to default the computer uses whatever the router/ISP suggests.
Using openDNS or Google on a few computers might help getting the websites found much faster.
Google for example uses and
With Wifi showing the same syptoms it is either a problem with the computer in question or the network configuration in general.

Using Google's DNS servers can be a good idea, but only if you live in the USA. Using their DNS servers outside the US means that you most likely won't be connected to your nearest data centre when accessing some web services, which will result in slower download times (especially for large files and streams).

If it happens late at night when all the others are asleep then it's outside your control. If it only happens when your all plugged in then your router is having trouble coping with the demand - it may be your connection is too slow.


1 year ago

Sometimes the source sending the page is the problem, not your system.

The device sending or your ISP may be overloaded and SLOW, so your laptop decides it was a web defect....