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Internship 2012: Learn, work, travel in China Answered

Program details:
1. Study Mandarin: Learn the language through either university or one to one tutoring program.
2. Volunteer: Work with rural children in Beijing and Tibet.
3. High School Program: A 45 days program for students from high school aging between 13-18 years.
4. University program with BLCU: A program oriented toward university learning in China. 

Why should you join the program?
1. GAC’s professional and experienced staff provides onsite, 24 hour assistance to make you a safe and fun tour.
2. Study and travel together, experience MORE of China than just a normal tourist -get to interact with locals, bargain, etc.
3. Homestay accommodation or shared apartment with Chinese roommate
4. Chinese immersion environment. Experienced teacher will teach you and accompany with you on the road to make language environment for you.
5. Culture workshops and excursions such as in calligraphy, cooking, etc.
6. Interactive activities with Chinese students in same age level and interests.

Job opportunities with us?
We are currently offering openings in:
1. Marketing
2. Business development
3. Consulting

How to apply for this program?

Visit http://goabroadchina.org/ and submit your application with us. We will get back to you for your requirements.



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