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Interstellar Movie Tars Robot Answered

Hello! I would really love if someone could make me a replica of the robot from the movie Interstellar. My version of the robot can be much more simple. I have no need for a robot that can actually fix a spaceship lol. I would just like for it to be able to walk (in the movie the robot moves several ways - but one way is enough) and talk (only saying four or five phrases). The below link shows the structure pretty well. Can anyone make this happen for me?



I finally gave it an attempt, it's not perfect the first time around due to lack of resources and time, but I'm willing to give it another go after my exams finish in a month or so.


I like it. Simpler than a humanoid biped, but still challenging.

i wanna build this too! Still trying to get funds to make it though.