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Introduce Yourself Answered

Hey everyone! Welcome to the group & thanks for joining! Take this opportunity to introduce yourselves, what grade you're in, what classes you take, school stuff, whatever else you want, etc. I'm Mark. I'm currently in 9th grade. I went to a Catholic boys' school for the first semester this year, but starting Monday, I'll be going to the public school closer to home. For the first semester, I took Biology Honors, Geometry Honors, World Lit Honors, World History Honors, Technology, and Spanish I. My favorite class this year BY FAR was Geometry.


Well......welcome 2 Narnia///Bishes///'You can't sit with us"///Mean Girls Quote///

Hey my name in Anubhuti but my friends cal me Ana

Im 11 years old and im in year seven my birthdate is on the 24th of April 2003.I go to burwood girls high school (Sydney,Australia)

Hey my name in Anubhuti but my friends cal me Ana

Im 11 years old and im in year seven my birthdate is on the 24th of April 2003.I go to burwood girls high school (Sydney,Australia)

Hey my name in Anubhuti but my friends cal me Ana

Im 11 years old and im in year seven my birthdate is on the 24th of April 2003.I go to burwood girls high school (Sydney,Australia)

Hey my name in Anubhuti but my friends cal me Ana

Im 11 years old and im in year seven my birthdate is on the 24th of April 2003.I go to burwood girls high school (Sydney,Australia)

Hey I am Sam and I am going into 10th grade on an online school i will be taking spanish2,geometry,algebra2,chemistry,world history,economics

My name is Michael, I am 13 years old, going to high school in 1 year, South Hills High School. (That's in California.) My classes in 8th grade right now are: 1) American History 2) English 3) Algebra 1 4) P.E. 5) Home Economics/ Computer Class 6) Science I was in Honors in 6th grade, but I hate that, so bye bye Honors!

Wow, you're like a me in california.... o_0... stalker

16 years old, 10th grade, hate my school - santa fe high (if you live in minnesota, know that your schools are much better than down here) PreCalc/Trig NM history (reqd) English 2 AP Bio PreAP world history Intro to engineering design I'm also anti-social (I'd be perfectly happy to live in the miidle of nowere in the woods on northern MN), Hate school (think its boring, why did can't it be shorter -12 yrs!?), Think that they want to teach us to take orders and follow, not think for our selves, way more social on ibles than anywhere else, avid linux user, hardware hacker, like metalworking and woodworking, "I'm not racist, I hate everyone" type of attitude


public school=brainwashing=no individuality=no invention=no advancing=doom to our planet... that is a mouthful!

come to think about it, the creative rebels on this site are keeping the future alive!

wow... I didn't know i was that deep...

way to let it all out on the Internet! =P

i like to think of it as us being superheroes... =P

I'm starting by building an electric car. No more gas! Are you doing anything yet? (don't feel bad if you aren't, even little stuff helps)




any ideas?

ooh I use electronics instead of paper

cuz I'm a computer nerd...=P

I want your classes! My school only stinks because we dont have much classes. I had to join the other schools robotics team Go Team 60!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your choices for 10th grade classes are great! We only have honors "core" classes. You have a wide variety. We get our variety in 11th grade.

Ooh I didn't post here yet!

17, First year of 6th form (year 12, someone mind translating this into american money?) and I go to one of the top schools in the country, purely by geographical convenuience.

I'm taking:
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Electronics

and General Studies, but that's forced. I get way too much homework and I do really well in exams without studying for them at all (I got 6A's, 3 A*'s and a B at GCSE).

(year 12, someone mind translating this into american money?)

I'm guessing here - but an educated guess, based on your age of 17, and you say "year 12" - in the US you're probably in what we called "12th grade" or your "senior" year of high school.


10 years ago

well, I'm Jared, your not getting my last name or high school, I'm 16, suck at spelling, rather knowledgeable, The HUB of my school community... my 11th grade classes: English and Literature (some Latin and Shakespeare) psychology calculus (2 periods) local history sociology of diverse cultures drafting and design (3 periods) physics (2 periods) pottery/jewelry making/ stained glass photography and phys. ed. be jelous

suck at spelling

be jelous


Hey, I'm Josh and I'm currently a Senior (12th grade), but I'll soon be a Freshman in College! Whoo hoo! I'll be attending MIT next fall.
Current Courses:
Courses are based on a 9 period day, 40 minutes each period
*AP Calculus B/C
*AP US Government & Politics
*AP Physics C
*AP Chemistry
*Net Sports (Pwning @ badminton right now ;D )
*AP English Literatrue
*C++ Computer Programming
*AP Microeconomics
*Advanced Research 12H

And my favorite course by far is:
*Unique Projects!
- Which is basically a class where I can make whatever I want, using whatever tools I need. An Instructables class, if you will.

In terms of my social-ness, I'm alright. I don't go out and party, in fact the only time that I'm out of my house is either to go for a short bike ride, skateboard, or science olympiad (we have meetings on the weekends).

Yesterday I was "attacked" by my science olympiad coach, who was wielding a CO2 fire extinguisher... for revenge I decided that I wanted to get him back.... but I used the powdered type by accident... Whoops!

MIT? Nice going on life. Only my dreams dreams could go there. My school only has 4 periods that are almost 2 hours.

miine has 4 periods that are each 90 minutes =D

Don't have any doubts about your ability to go where you want to go! Be confident! Honestly, I'm not too strong academically, but I supplemented that with extreme devotion to my interests - mainly research in several fields, learning interesting and useful information, and building stuff! You can do it! Have faiths! I believe in you! -Josh

I noticed now is fall... good luck at MIT, and congratulations on getting in...wow what classes will you be taking? I am a freshmen, by the way

Lucas, going to be a sophomore. Don't know classes till school starts. But this summer is cloudless almost in Arizona!

The name's Harrigan (I m a mutt: Mexican, Irish, German, American Indian) 17 and in SoCal - btw Suburbia sucks, I can wait to get out and travel Ap Latin Ap US history PreCalc Ap English Composition Anatomy Drama I have always been fascinated with electronics, though I seem to be more artistically inclined, I could design a wonderful robot, but I find programming to be incredibly tedious and boring, hopefully ill overcome my lack of skill and finally produce that robot Ive wanted to make since 7th grade!!!!

I'm Clark (<-- my online alias, you'll only learn my real name if I become famous or something :p), I'm in 9th grade. I'm home schooled (suckers!!!), and I'm doing:
World Literature (*moan*)
Spanish ( :p I really wanted to study Modern Irish)
Thanks to Ewilhelm =D for pointing them out, I'm going to take a course or two online with MIT (WOOT! Either Java, HTML, or Aerospace engineering)

In my junior year I plan to attend Harvard Summer School (probably Modern Irish, or Java, or both)

Depending on what I've learned, Senior year I plan to apply for an internship at: Instructables/Squid Labs, Jagex (RuneScape, in England WOOT!), or Lockheed Martin.

Career? No friggen clue.
Instructables (FTW!!!)
Java, Javascript, HTML {
Jagex (England!!!)


Lockheed Martin (Go Skunk Works!!!)
Aerospace Engineering {
NASA (I'm headin' for Mars baby!!!)

Any help on above topics?

Ahh frack my ickle charts didn't work =' (

tried HTML in Ibles, did we? lol i've tried that a few times

No, I charted all the possibilities with spaces, the spaces disappeared, it should look like this: Career? No friggen clue. ~Either: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Instructables (FTW!!!) Java, Javascript, HTML { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jagex (England!!!) Or, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lockheed Martin (Go Skunk Works!!!) Aerospace Engineering { ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NASA (I'm headin' for Mars baby!!!) Any help on above topics?

Zomg not that either:

Career? No friggen clue.

Java, Javascript, HTML {


Aerospace Engineering {

Any help on above topics?

...seem the most intelligent too.

Maybe not the most experienced in life, but there are a few here who are "specialized"; ie: tech-king seems to be a hardware expert, and LinuxH4x0r knows quite a bit about Linux.

Hey! The topic's back! Thanks, Eric!! =]


15, freshman.

All normal classes exept for advanced math (Though it doesn't seem that advanced, the eight graders in my middle school are ahead of us, and I have a class full of idiots) and Spanish 1. I just don't want to dig up my schedule to get the names.

I am way more social here. If you met me in a group, I would be the short one avoiding (or making little) eye contact, separate from the others. I seem to be the only one to read recreationally in my classes. I normally have a book tucked under my left arm. A downfall to this anti-social thing is that I one day wish to be a director (or otherwise involved in the movie making process, like cameraman). I have already directed three successful short films, all top in the class. I now have the job of documenting the school play (making of props, etc).

Hi, I am EthanGibson. I am a junior (11th), and right now I am taking Myth and Modern Heroes, U.S. History, Biology, and Pre-Calc. Our schedule is either first, second, third, lunch, fourth, fifth. Or lunch can be after fourth. Either way, I am still in the library. I am semi-anti-social. I am that kid in the corner who plays with his calculator, and yes, I love every minute of it, so don't bother coming up and talking to me. (I'm more social on the internet)