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Introducing: Design Challenges! Answered

Design Challenges will be in addition to our other contests. Here is what makes them different than our traditional contests and challenges:
  • You do not create step-by-step Instructables for these contests.
  • Create 3D designs using Fusion360, Tinkercad, or any program that allows you to make .STL files.
  • Design Challenges can only be entered from the contest page.
  • We will usually provide start files to get you started (this will be dependent on the contest and its theme).
Our first one is the BOSEbuild Design Challenge. If you have questions specific to the BOSEbuild Challenge, the Speaker Cube, or creating your own custom designs, you can post those questions here.

If you have questions about Design Challenges and what they are going to be like, post them here!

*If you want to upload more than 1 STL file, upload your main design file in the "Add Design File" section and upload any supporting renders of the design, additional .stl files, or other relevant images to the "Add Images" section.*


is there a page anywhere showing all the design contests?

One more question, On the robot design contest it says you must be a student to enter. I am home-schooled which legally means I am a student. Am I elegible to enter?

The results are in.. Well done to all the winners!! Thank you everyone responsible for putting this together and thanks for my runner up prize pack :)

Penolopy could you tell me where I went wrong. I want to make sure I don't make the same mistake in the future.

Hi Penolopy. I was wondering if I could have some more information on why I wasn't choosen as a finalist? Did I break any rules? Did I not recieve enough votes? Thanks for your help

even I have the same doubt. I was also wondering where I went wrong.

I've seen your design few days ago, and it is great, I thought you'd be part of the finalists! However I read somewhere that they tried to print the designs, and yours seems a bit unbalanced. Maybe it was not stable once printed? Plus the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is 12cm long, and your design seems 4 or 5 times longer, which makes about 50 or 60 cm long (which is really big and almost impossible to print on many 3D printers). Anyway it looks great to me!

Looking at the finalist, several of the designs break the rules of only designs on 2 opposing sides. Im sorry if I sound whinny, but the contest needs to select finalist that adhere to the rules.

My design has been published but the STL file is previewed wrong. I have uploaded the correct file, i downloaded it off your server and checked. The preview is showing it to be a phone case!!! I have never in my life made a phone case. What may be the problem?

Yes. You got the entry correct. I guess the change you may be referring to is the edit i made WRT the photo rearrangement, the preview to my STL file still remains to be a phone case. I wont be concerned about it much if you could just let me know if the data contained therein is the components of my design! Thanks!

I see. I do see that the file is showing up as a phone case on the entry but when downloaded it is the music box dances as your photos show. We will be sure to keep that in mind as the format for entry for the contest is still relatively new and prone to bugs like this :)

I cant upload my desing and it says that are 23 min left

Hi, I'm sorry for the difficulty you experienced while trying to enter the contest. Unfortunately, I cannot re-open it up to be entered at this point, but we still have our Fidget Spinner Design Contest open for a couple more weeks! Don't forget to check it out :)

Hi i uploaden my file but IT doesn't shows up?

Is there any way to see comments for my entry in Bose build design contest??

Three days back my entry was accepted for the contest. Now it's showing "Invalid entry for the contest". I have really worked hard for it. Can you pls help me

I first published it as Musical World but then it was showing invalid entry so I just edited my design and saved it as Guitar Speaker. Still when I log into my laptop and click it... it's showing invalid entry

Due to connection issue i've clicked twice on publish now Button. Kindly remove one from two.


11 months ago

Can we have more than one entries in the contest?

Because i submited 2 entries and it says i have only one....
And the entry than doesn't show was the first one that i submited. At first it was accepted and i could see it, but when i submited the second it got lost! The first was "World Music" and the second was "World Music 2"

Χωρίς τίτλο.jpg

I'm not being able to edit my entry for the Bose Build competiton. I want to change the cover image as it doesnot clearly represent my project.

I tried but whenever I edited it and clicked on "Publish contest entry" it said, "Specify a valid license". Moreover, all those entries have been saved as drafts under my profile and I can't even delete those!

I'm trying to look into issues with your entries. Can you please link here which ones you have tried entering in the contest so I can make sure to check on them all?

I'm having the same issue :( the thumbnail for my entry isn't the one I want, and editing or rearranging the images in the entry form does nothing. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I don't think you can update the main thumbnail at this time. Hopefully there will be a change for that in the future!

Thanks, I could finally edit it, but the thumbnail still shows the old image. Is there any way you can fix this too?


12 months ago

how many entries are allowed?

The same as any contest, you can enter as many times as you want :)

can you see how many votes you have???

AS of now no.

But I think at least the "Views" and "Favorites" featured should be enabled for the design entries as well.

Due to the glitch mentioned below, I have uploaded my design 4 times, thinking mine was not uploaded. How do I keep one and delete the rest?

And also can I upload different designs from the same account? Or is it only one per entrant?

Please send the URL of the entries that you'd like to be removed to service@instructables.com so our support team can help you out.

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

I uploaded five projects to the fidget spinners design challenge a few days ago. Only 2 have made it to the contest page so far. Please check on it.

I have been trying to review entries but there is some kind of bug preventing me from accepting or rejecting them and unfortunately, Autodesk is shut down this week and there is minimal staff working. As soon as the issue is fixed, I'll be sure to get all the entries in!