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Introducing Marcello! (Our new cat!) Answered

He's 17 pounds! He's huge. Three times the size of either of the girls. He's two years old - still a baby. We just brought him home today. He's still shy so the pictures are not that great. Didi loves him, she's been following him around all over. Jade hates everyone and she's hissing and hitting like mad. But she'll get over it. She always does. :D


That's a little creepy, not you jessy, but I'm going to be careful what I let in the background of my pics, I didn't realize people looked that hard. On the other hand, I'm not a girl, and they probably don't care what I read. I had a cat once....Delicious.

kitteh vid!
mega lolz.

9 years ago

:O Kittehs! We have two kittehs, one is slim and sleek - 48 inches long The other is just huge:


Cuteness! What a sweet little face. :D

Mr. Chester (the outside cat) has a face like that, but he's an orange tabby.

orange kitteh named sam, hes sleepin on mah arm and can only type with one hand.

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Orange kitteh named Sam has green eyes! :O

orange kitteh named sam thinks its glare but wont open his eyes to let me see.

you would like Emily Strange in any of her books (by Cosmic Debris), but I recommend Emily The Strange, check out her cats, and those cool graphics.

Lies! They're just smarter than dogs, that's all. Gives the illusion of evil. :P

Does it pee all over your stuff or something? I know cats like that.

no my cat atackes me. it glaiers at me. and it gets in to my room at night and wakes me up. its really my sisters cat.

Ah sneak attack. I was going to say, something as small as the biggest house cat wouldn't attach me twice while I was awake (ve av vays of making you behafe) LOL

Um, no. I just meant that if the cat attacked me while I was awake, he wouldn't do it again....but you said he does so in your sleep. It is hard to ward off that kind of attack (I ended with something I would say to the cat :-)

i couldn't help but i noticed you got the book naked lunch cool cat btw

Naked Lunch : After developing an addiction to the substance he uses to kill bugs, an exterminator accidentally murders his wife and becomes involved in a secret government plot being orchestrated by giant bugs in an Islamic port town in Africa.

Sounds, intriguing :-)


10 years ago

nice! how many cats in all? :-\

Three of them live here with us, two of them live with my mom because she lives in the country and they like it better outside. :)

wow, we only have one cat, we have two, both brothers, but the other went... :-/


10 years ago

Umm, lots of meat on that cat.

He's really only got one "pooch" - he's mostly just a very big frame. But I'm hoping he'll lose some of the weight chasing after the girls and such. :D

Aww your cats are really cute!

I think that the "death glare" was aptly named... Miss Jade's eyes make her look evil in that picture.

Cool! They're cute. I wish my sometimes cat would always stay.

Do you have a stray or something? Some of my friends take care of a huge colony of strays. They're really interesting cats!

Nope. It's my neighbors, but it comes here a lot. I like your new picture. ;-)