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Introducing Slideshows and Videos! Answered

We just added two new sections to Instructables: Slideshows and Videos. Slideshows and Videos are more ways for you to share your projects, the cool things that you do, and to generally jump into the World's Biggest Show & Tell.

Use a slideshow to show pictures of a finished project, a work in progress, your work space, or something that you don't quite have full enough documentation to make an Instructable. Slideshows are perfect for sharing your old projects, or those projects that you did so fast that you forgot to take pictures along the way. You can outline what you did, what tools and materials you used, and show off the final project. For example, here's a Slideshow about a climbing wall I built a few years ago. I didn't take enough pictures to make a full Instructable, but I still want to share my project because I think it's awesome. Also, if you want to embed an Instructables Slideshow on your webpage or blog, go for it! There's embed code right below the text.

We've noticed that video is becoming a bigger part of Instructables, so we made a special section for videos. Share your full how-to videos, videos showing off your projects in action, or a video tour of your workshop. How-to videos that are logically broken into steps and have support images of each step still make perfect Instructables and we want to encourage more of these; we hope that Videos will support and help grow the site by making a specific section for how-to videos that don't quite need our step-by-step format. You can embed videos from any of the major video sites, so there's no need to re-upload!

Anything that you share in a Slideshow or Video should be your own project or a project that you have intimate familiarity with, and your own content. We want to encourage a conversation between the Instructables community and the person who did the project. So for example, posting a Slideshow about an awesome native-hardware coffee table that your parents built is perfect. Save posting projects you found on the web for the forums, and be sure to include a link to the original content.

I'm really excited about these new features. I know that everyone has something to share at Show & Tell, and Slideshows and Videos give more opportunities to do just that.



10 years ago

Will I be able to use a "slideshow" as a step within an instructable? This would be useful for those steps with multiple pictures, where all the pictures are significant, and you don't want the reader to have to click on each of the pictures of each step to see them all...

I have to be a nay sayer on this... In my humble opinion neither slideshows nor videos have any place in Instructables as themselves. It's really great to be able to include a slideshow or a video in a proper Instructables, but a separate thing, nahhh... With standalone videos it just becomes a way of promoting you own youtube and metacafe videos. I really think that Instuctables should raise the barrier of what's an acceptable instructable or not. With increasing popularity it risks just to be a cesspool of junk in the long run. The days two years ago when Instructables had to be happy to just get anything contributed to it are over. Now it's time to shape things up and be a bit more strict and "professionable" even if that means that you'll become a bit more boring. Currently it's only a very small fraction of all instructables in total that I deem "unfit" but with the advent of videos it's started to rise. Yes, I know, I'm not running Instructables so I can't or won't tell the them what to do, I'm only voicing my own opinions. What I'm missing is the possibility to include several pictures show in full size, an not just as thumbnails, in a single step in an Instructable. Anyhow, I'd really appreciate all the hard work the team and most contributors are doing for the Instructables. Keep up the good work guys (and gals)!

That's what the featured and popular lists are for. If you think there's too much junk, spend more time on the homepage - only good stuff gets to the homepage.

I have a RSS feed from instructables on my iGoogle-page (that's my Firefox start page), there I'll see all new instructables, including the videos and (probably) the slideshows. Is there a feed that only shows the newest real instructables? I really don't want to miss anything so for this the Featured is not good for me. The last time I checked the Popular it was not really usable since most of them were really old and had like 38000 views and rating 79 and they blocked all "normal" popular Instructables to ever reach the first 20 in that list. I have a vague memory of you writing that the weighting algorithm had been changed, maybe I should give it a new try. Maybe a "All time popular" and a "Last 30 days popular" would be a nice addition to the feeds available...


10 years ago

I have to admit that I'm not very satisfied with the slideshows. It seems like people are using it as an excuse to omit any useful *instructions* to go with the pictures.

I honestly didn't see one slideshow so far that really benefited from being a slideshow rather than a regular instructable...

A Slideshow isn't intended to have useful instructions. It's designed as a way for people to quickly and easily show off the things they've done. I agree that each of the Slideshows presented today would have made great Instructables, but the reality is that people don't always have time to do full documentation. Did you notice how most of those projects were "old" and probably were never going to be "Instructable-ized"? I am sure that well authored Instructables will get more attention and have more impact (which can be indirectly measured by pageviews) than even the best Slideshows. However, I'd rather see a Slideshow of a project without any instruction than to not see it at all. We've set the site up so that you can check out everything, or just a sub-section, such as Instructables. So, it's easy to focus on the format you like best, and only occasionally dip into the other formats, by checking the "featured" list for example. We promise to try and feature only the very best stuff.

Then get them out of the intstructable section.

They're located in the "ALL" tab which, though as odd as it may seem, includes everything (except forums).

They aren't in the Instructables section.

Well... although I'm not yet used to slideshows, most of the current slideshows probably wouldn't survive as an Instructable. For example, the 3-4 picture ones. I know I'm going to use the slideshow feature, but I think that the reason both of us are a bit unsatisfied with the slideshow is because so many of them were all released on one day. I'm sorry to spoil the magic for you, but if you'd look on the about page, you'd notice that all of the posters of slideshows are employees/interns.

What do you think I pay these people do to?!?! Write CODE???!? We, mostly Noah, released a ton of Slideshows today because we wanted there to be a bunch of examples so people could really start to understand and use the new format.

I'm not so sure about videos, but I think the slideshows are a great new feature! Although, I was a bit overwhelmed by the massive amount of slideshow/videos released today. Also, I'm not sure if I like the design of the slideshow format.... it's just me, though. The scrolling navigation/flash-y appearance doesn't really work for me, but that's just me.

Would a slide show or video be an acceptable entry to contests?

None of the current contests accept Slideshow entries. However, we have some Slideshow contests planned for the future!

Amazing Idea! love it! Thanks

Awesome stuff, thanks!

This is great. Many thanks.