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Inventor Builds His Perfect Woman Answered

From The Sun, 11 Dec 2008:

SHE is the perfect wife, with the body of a Page 3 pin-up and housekeeping skills that put TV's Kim and Aggie to shame.

Her name is Aiko, she can even read a map, and will never, ever, nag.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't she fellas? And she is.

Aiko is actually a robot, a fantasy brought to life by inventor Le Trung.

Devoted Aiko --- "in her 20s" --- has a stunning 32-23-33 figure, pretty face and shiny hair.

She is always happy to clean the house for "husband" Le, help with his accounts or get him a drink.

Computer ace Le, 33, from Ontario, Canada, has spent two years and £14,000 building his dream girl.

He had planned to make an android to care for the elderly.

But his project "inspired by sci-fi robots like Star Wars's C3PO " strayed off-course.

[ ... ]

He said: "Aiko doesn't need holidays, food or rest, and will work almost 24 hours a day. She is the perfect woman."

Aiko sparks mixed reactions in public.

Le said: "Women usually try to talk to her. But men always want to touch her, and if they do it the wrong way she slaps them."

Read the whole article, with a video clip and pictures, at http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2023392.ece



dang, the way my love life is going, I might have to order one of these. hha

Oh yes, tell the IRS it's not your fault - your robot screwed-up your tax....

Does she cook?

Built in Stepford?


You can't beat the real thing. Sure, it's a step forward in terms of robotic programming, but this guy must be as sad as.

I beat Kiteman, I beat Kiteman, nyah nyah nyah!

And I got it off The Sun, too!

You're welcome to it!

...a few “tweaks” could turn her into ... Eeww!

"in her 20s" - yeh, riiiight!

And that video, all it reminds me of is the scene in Alien, where they interrogate the android's head...

:-) The title of the CNN piece (video, not text) was, "Fembot slaps down unwanted advances" or something similar, which didn't sound particularly bad. I found the Sun article above via Google, and it was just so... off ... that I knew it would trigger discussion.

And that, my young padawan, is where you fail...

Pride goeth before a fall. Or in this case, pride cometh at the end of Fall.

isn't the proper term: autumn ? :-)

Yeah, but "pride goeth before an autumn" just doesn't have the same ring to it :-)

Well, it works better for the second phrase: Or in this case, pride cometh at the end of Autumn.;-)

Erm... aye tha's wut I was a sayin'...

True, but we must spell it out for the less, er, observant of our colleagues...

Rodenberry's dictum: always use the moral sledge hammer!

Indeed, learned fast, thoust has my young apprentice...


It must have been a hot story...use oven mitts.

"Imagine the nerve, they tried to clone me...," Adrian monk

<waits patiently for a boot-stompin...>

Oh! You mean now we know what she looks like?

I have failed...

Ack, that site was blocked at work...I'll have to try to remember to view it from home :-(

Yah.. there's a lot of ehm, art, on there...

Ok, I am having troubles making the connection though :-) I mean, I went to your link from home now....and must be missing something...

My comment was a wee indecipherable what I meant was: There is a lot of, ahem, "art" on there...

I meant the following comment in relation to your link:

Something close to the female in this, minus the cybernetic arm:

Adrian says she does in fact resemble the female figure in the picture.

In your picture? ok. understood. :-)

More or less. You have the height, build and hair about right. The face is somewhat analogous.

Seeing as how he built the "Perfect Woman", that could almost be a compliment...

However, having read the article, I am only saddened by the capacity of a piggish male to wreck a perfectly good concept.

Faced with the apparent contradiction, my neural net contains absolutely no appropriate response. I am unsure of what to say, other than


Hear, hear! Did you see my comment to Kent (below) about the "creepy parts". What really got to me was that the Sun article seemed to think all this was a good thing (shudder).

Yes-thank you for leaving that out, by the way! Otherwise I would have been obliged to hand out some >SLAPS< It still boggles my mind how you can go from such a cool invention and trying to help the elderly to such a ridiculous creation. :-\

You're welcome. Although I did think of you while I was editing, my motivation was broader than that. It's just wrong :-(

Man, you have no idea how refreshing it is to find a guy who agrees with me on this! In the past when I've voiced similar objections some of them have told me to keep quiet. My faith in mankind is now restored... :D

Ack, believe me, I have no problems with robotic or semi robotic partners, but SLAVES are just a bit over the top...

Hmm, aren't all machines pretty literally slaves ? Although to have a human form as a slave may be a bit warped.

Slaves period bugs me if I were to create a semi-sentient being, I wouldn't want it to be a slave.

Now of course a little bit of role-playing keeps things lively, now that's ok, but full time is just creepy...

Well, I don't think it has the same sentience as, say a new born salamander to be honest. It is programmed to react to it's environment.

Each computer we have, your pc for instance, is a slave to what you do with it, and command it to do. The programs force it to do your bidding, but it has a great ability to learn if programmed correctly....but it is hardly sentient.

I still ratiocinate that the main objection is what the mechanism looks like meaning this is kind of a form of prejudice...maybe. :-)

NOTE: The Bicentenial Man

That's just a little creepy for me... I dont wanna perfect wife, I want one with spunk

Did you read the whole Sun article? I left out the really creepy sections...

O MAH FLYIN" SPEG MONSTAH!!! Not to sound racist, but I'm not surprised the chap's Asian, they seem to have such odd tendencies... For a robot wife, I'd much prefer the Terminator version:


Old School rules! Cherry 2000, was the near perfect robot wife, except she needs waterproofing.

I am still looking for the "really creepy sections", are they in the video? (I can't view streaming video at work).

If you mean the "turning into a ...... partner", that isn't really much more creepier then adding vocals to a certain dolls for sale.

Not that this is anything I would be interested in, but I don't find it any odder either.

The video itself is pretty weird. As someone else said, I think, sort of like those Futurama head-in-a-jar things. Then there's all the "perfect house slave/sex slave" implications. And the fact that this guy started with an idea of helping people, and turned it into his own private Stepford...