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Inverse Kinematics ? Answered

I am planning to make a robotic arm and found this link showing some inverse kinematics problems . I am confused what should I substitute l1 ,l2, Xhand, Yhand, Øhand as . My robot has 3dof and has a arm size of 15cm.


They're there to illustrate the problems of inverse kinematics.
l1 is the length of the lower arm, l2, the upper arm, and Xhand and Yand the co-ordinates the arm is to reach.

Phi - angle. Its all in the notes ! The robot has one link of length l and one joint with angle Ø. The position of the robot's hand is Xhand. The inverse kinematics problem (at the position level) for this robot is as follows: Given Xhand what is the joint angle Ø?

"Ø" normally means "diameter".