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Inverted color crosshair? Answered

Hello robots. Is there any to get a small dot center of your screen that inverts all color behind it? Kind of like the Minecraft crosshair, except it is always shown in the foreground on top off all programs. My little bro plays like this on his t.v. but with small piece of tape in the exact center. It would be really useful while playing FPS games. I know I'm making things complicated, but I'd rather not have adhesive residue on my monitor.


Sure if someone creates a script for it. But you'll have to play your games windowed to keep it on the forefront of the screen. If the game takes full control of the screen it won't be visible anymore.

Here is an idea. Get a piece of transparency film and use a permanent marker to make your dot. Then lay it over your monitor.

That transparency idea is pretty good but you could also just play the games as intended and get better that way rather than cheating the system to artificially inflate your skill level.

As mpilch says, most games will override the normal cursor. However, for other applications, you can set the "Normal select" to any of the "cross_i" cursors on a PC to get this effect.