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Invisible cars. Answered

Two approaches to making cars "invisible" - change the look of the car, and change the nature of the car.

Art car and wire car via Science Forums.


Lol, the artist in the first picture kind of looks like Lindsay Lohan. But anyways, here is a REAL invisible car (there is a car in the middle of the lot that is invisible) :


Could you take another pic to prove that the lot isn't empty? Maybe semi-invisible, or something. Or put a sign on the top of the car?

*sigh* the lot is empty. There is no invisible car. I was joking about the invisible car.

its impossibal to ''clock'' some thing try CRYSIS

I didn't want to blame you, and start a flame war! If you could do it that well, you could vanish houses, while making it look like a car.

I agree...
Provided she's not stoned off her but, Lohan is hawt...

Lohan is hawt? You're right, she's probably on fire. most likely caused by a rash...

Yada yada... *has Lohan as of Herbie Fully Loaded as mental image*

that car at the edge of the picture is a different car that just got in our shoot. The car is in teh middle of the lot.

lol, I have succeeded in making a TRUE invisible car!

How do I know it's even there?

Its a joke based off the story called "the emperor's new clothes"

What? Aren't you smart enough to see the car (that's not there)?

:-) I loved that story as a kid. But it has HUGE political implications in this day and age.


6 years ago

oh its true


Or of course you could just through a good looker in the view and unless its a really awesome car, most guys at least wont notice it.

Example of car that would draw MY attention away:


what????? really???? that's bad... :( this is one of the best looking car from that era...!!!

Example of a car that would draw MY attention away:


I love top gear! Mostly because the short one was the host of Brainiac.

Really? I never watched Robot Wars, but I think I can speculate on the content.

I take it you're a fan of the Stingray? Me too.

Very much so. I've set a Two Year Plan to save up enough money to buy a C3 from 1980-82, repaint it, drop a new flex-fuel engine in it (out of a Suburban maybe?), completely redo the interior, paint it blue with silver racing stripes and go be awesome in it :D If I had the money I'd get a C2, or even better, a split window ('64) :D Needless to say I want the cheapest POS I can get that the body is still in decent shape.

(Unless, of course, they've been lucky enough to have already found their perfect lady.)