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Ipod AV Cable Answered

I was wondering what pins on the Apple 30-pin dock connector I should connect a composite av cable to get the TV to stream Netflix or movies/TV shows I have on my Ipod? I found the pinout for the connector here: http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/ipod_pinout.shtml. Does anyone know which pins to solder or could point me in the right direction?


Ok i have found a few options for you. You can get extension pass through cables that have most of the pins available. You can also get a dock extender but they cost more. But if your having to buy a cable you might as well buy the composite video cable for the phone.

All the info you need is right there on the chart. Pin 2 is the ground used for video and audio out and pin 8 is your composite video out. Pins 3 and 4 are your Right and left audio channels. What more do you need?

I opened up an ipod cable and i see a red, black, green, and white wire connected to a PCB. What do I solder to now?

Those wires are the ones from the USB cable. If you don't see any other pins in the connector then you won't be able to adapt it for video. Most cables won't have all the pin in the connector. They will only have the ones needed for that cable. The cable that comes with your phone/iPad will only have the 4 pins. Apple rather sell you a cable then leave room for you to mod an existing cable for your needs. You probably won't find a connector that has all 30 pins in it either. But some of the 3rd party cable have a few extra pins. But none that have the pins for any video output. They are typically extra ground pins.

Good luck on your search. Let us know if you find a cable that has all the pins. You can look down into the connector to see the pins. You don't have to take them apart to find out how many pins it has. If your looking at the top of the connector and then look down into it pin one is on the left side.


6 years ago

which wire do I solder the cables to?

The Yellow connector is the video, Red is the Right channel and White is the Left. The center post of each connector is the signal wires. The outer ring is the ground. Solder all the grounds together and solder them to pin 2 on the iPod connector. Then solder the wires from the center post of each of the Composite connectors to the correct pins on the iPod connector. Be sure to do a continuity test to make sure you know which wire goes to what part of the connector on the composite cables.