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Ipod Classic is frozen on "Do Not Disconnect" screen Answered

My 120 gb ipod classic 6th generation goes on but goes straight to the "okay to disconnect" screen even when its not plugged in. I cant get it to do any more than that.

I tried resetting it by sliding hold/unhold button and then holding both the menu button and middle button at the same time until the apple appears but then soon after it goes right back to the "okay to Disconnect" screen. itunes wont even detect it. My computer detects it for a second bbut then it disapears.

i put my ear to it to see if its spinning and im hearing a faint clicking sound. Is it a goner?


Take it to your nearest Apple Store. They can fix anything.


7 years ago

Possibly. That is the "click of death". It goes wrrrrr --- moving to a higher pitch and then click and starts over. To fix this you need to remove the hard drive and get a USB adapter that fits it. Plug it in to a regular PC and run a disk scan on it. It might have developed bad sectors and as far as I know the only repair is to scan the drive with disk utilities and then remove all the partitions. Once the drive is completely cleaned and scanned for bad sectors you can plug it back into the I pod and let it format it and then install the software.

Another alternative to the USB adapter is a converter that changes it to a standard IDE cable and you plug it into an IDE on your motherboard. Sometimes these work better because they are managed by the bios and board and not software.