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Ipod Topic - USB light + charger all in one Answered

Ok....well i had this cool idea when i entered one of the instructables and some guy built an awsome ipod nano dock with LED's in it and it looked really cool...i asked him how he powered the LED's and he said by battery enyway i had this cool idea...WHAT IF....you could put the two together all in one? a LED lit Ipod box. that is that the LED's are powered by the same cable thats powering the ipod? eh eh? any comments and ideas would be great thanks :) P.S. This will be in 2 groups: Light it UP!! and this group -Darkshot


Yes, it's easy. All you need to do is cut the USB cable and wire some LED's to them with resistors in series to them. There are quite a few USB LED instructables kicking about.

but....how would i charge the ipod too? did you read the whole thing? thanks for the help :)

You can still charge the ipod from the same cable, just link the LED's into it somehow. You could cut it and then solder two halves into a bit of perfboard, along with the LED's.

oh...so your sayin use a perfboard and cut off the little charger part attach it to the perf board and then solder it? meh..i dont really see a way to do this without destroying the whole cable or just within one single cable... i think i'll just put two cables in there.....thanks for the help all :)

huh? you really didnt explain yourself to your fullest there.....but thanks for the help :)...i guess :]

You might want to find out how much draw vs light you need... Just off the top of my head, I can't see an issue.. Voltage supplied to to unit....... Sorry.. Not familiar with Ipod dock (I'm a Mp4 phone junkie myself) Is it Mains power/USB for charging or just a USB dock? Either way there should be enough pwr for several LeD's. ;)