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Ipod hook up to speakers? Answered

I recently purchased an RCA mp3/mp4,etc player with intent to hook up to speakers.   I am going the "ipod" route only because of capacity with desire to have simple way ot storing huge amount of audio which I want to play thru speakers.   Today I purch a $10 stereo ipod dock thinking I could simply plug my RCA device in from the earphone jack.  When I do that I get a humming sound but no music.  Am I way off in thinking that this should work.  If this is wrong, how does an ipod get connected to an ipod dock?


Thx to both for replies.  With your input I now think the dock is defective since it hums when ON even if ipod is not  plugged in.  I have carefully inserted the 4/aaa batteries and double checked polarity, etc.  - - - - I am judging from your responses that the earphone jack to dock approach should be OK.  I will play with it a bit more and then return it.  Thx again.

.  I am assuming that the dock is designed to accept a high-level/headphone input. It may not be. Check the manual.

.  Does it work with headphones? If so, the humming sounds like it might be a power supply problem in the dock or a bad player-to-dock cable.

Since I don't know the specifics about your mp3 & dock. I'm just going to toss out some possibilities:

1) The dock requires power to drive the speakers, either from a battery or an AC adapter, and there's no power. Check that the batteries are in correctly and/or the power adapter is working.
2) The dock is just incompatible with your player (unlikely if you're using the headphone jack and not a USB port of something).
3) It's a $10 dock. Maybe it just doesn't work.
4) There's something wrong with your player (unlikely if it plays through the earphones OK).

Since it's not  really an iPod, nor an Apple dock, the problem is probably not Apple's famous tendency to wire their hardware in stupid ways.