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Ipod touch 2g wont open on itunes error 0xE800000A?? Answered

i pressed update  nope
i tried force restore/dfu, nope
i tried shift clicking with a felix burns ispw nope
i dont know what to do and its really peeving me off
its jailbroken with 3.1.2 firmwear 
please answer soon
my ipod is my life D':

i am running windows vista with itunes 9


There is a 2 gb touch? Is there a pink color in the headphone jack?

* 2nd gen and its all fixed, i ended up giving apple a jail broken bricked ipod touch :P

Wow, you were lucky that they didn't look in the hard drive, my mac mini broke and i had an older version of mac and they asked what operating system i had, i said the newest one and i got it for free because it was under warranty