Ipod wifi problems after changing glass screen? Answered


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Hi! i've an iPod 4th generation

a while ago my screen cracked so i took it to the repair shop to get it fixed. when it was done, everything else was okay, except the wifi... it is able to detect networks, just that it's really weak, like it can only detect network when it's just beside the router. previously i was able to use the ipod wireless in my room, but now it can't connect even detect wifi in my room (the router is in living room), as it was too weak. in other words, the wifi became weak after i changed my screen?

what's wrong with my ipod? any suggestions please? THANK YOU!!



First of all, is this an iPhone, or an Itouch? There is a difference between the two in terms of wireless.

Either way, iFixit has a whole bunch of questions about this- maybe this one can help (it has something to do with a clip connecting the wifi antennae- if the battery life is reduced too it is most likely this, because (I've heard) the phone detects the lack of antenna and boosts power to the circuit, reducing battery life)


They've damaged the antenna, or left the connector off it. h

+1 Bring it back to the repair shop and let them fix it.