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Iron Eye video Answered

I finely finished it yeah!

ok here's the video:


That is incredible - it's orders of magnitude beyond the various guns we usually see. Even if you haven't got enough photos to write up a proper 'ible, you really ought to post this video properly in the main section. Kudos.

you mean make an instructable that dosnt exactly show you how to build it step by step. for me to do that i would have to know that at least 3 people are going to build it.

Maybe outline the planning stages, any unique features you invented. Or just focus on part of it - the launcher, or the conveyor-lift.

yeah once i was thinking of making an 'ible on how to make some different loops and stuff. every one knows how to make a chain-lift hill ,that has a roller coaster set.

....................Shut up!

People are aloud to build ANYTHING!!!! that they want to!
So if you look at knex and hate guns so much DONT LOOK AT THEM!

. By the same token, if you don't like Kitewife's (or any one else's) comments, quit reading them. Duh! . BTW, where I come from, telling someone's wife to shut up is grounds for a fat lip. ;)

i was reading comments and i came across it so i had to read.

Take a chill pill, youngling!

You really ought to check the age of posts before you reply to them.

(By the way, the post you replied to was from me - we have a weird bug thing going on that seems to be limited to just our computer, that means that sometimes what gets posted from this PC gets attributed to the wrong family member. It may get worse now that three of us have accounts.)

lol ok... OK I understand but i still think that people should keep the critisizing to themselves it makes me very unhappy when i see people saying things like that.

Criticism can be a constructive process, not just highlighting faults, but suggesting improvements.

If you can't deal with criticism, you are certainly in the wrong place.

I know. I can deal with it I just hate when people try to get people off there hobbies.

Kiteman, you are nagging this youngster. You should quit being so combative. Don't be such a numpty!

*sarcasm* :-)

I hope this comment has been constructive.


I do tend to lump the K'NEXers as one don't I?

Bad, Kiteman.

I was just kidding. Actually I agree with you.

(My previous post was typed with a silly smile on my face)

no... i don't think any one needs help with it if they have a screamin' serpent or a rippin' rocket set they know the basics.

I cant be turned away from guns......mostly because I cant build stuff like coasters and ball machines. I would need 100x more parts than I have right now.

even he likes guns. we will never turn away from guns. we build normal things besides gun( at least i do) but we will always make guns.

actually I haven't made a firing gun in like 3 months. I still like to play with them though.

It's best to design on your own. if you want to become a knex coaster builder that's great get a few screamin' serpent sets, and build a few small ones first.

i already am.
i have 2 sets (getting my third in a couple of days)
and my first coaster is going to be based off of this one


lol Apollos chariot... some one on SScoasters.net is re-creating it and don't build something huge PLEASE build small stuff at first like a 3 ft. coaster. So here's your list of things so to. 1. join sscoasters.net 2. start a thread in upcoming motels ,and tell everyone about how it's gonna go. 3. Don't act like noob every one is very judge mental so use good grammar ,capitalization ,and punctuation. 4.don't post 2qwice in a row and dont bump old threads to the first page if there like 2 weeks since the last post then leave them alone.

i probably wasn't going to post it..... and it'll probably be around 4 ft max

if it was at three feet it wouldn't have enough speed to go through 9 drops...

yeah I'm just telling you to make it smaller so thart you can make it more grand.

i just finished the station, chain lift, semi drop (drop before the main one, witch was really hard) and tomorrow i'm going to start on the main drop, then wait for the knex from ebay to arrive because i don't have enough chain, or tubing.

and hopefully it'll be finished by may or so. that's what i'm planning on

Wow by May.... I know I'm a slow builder but the the coaster I built that took me the longest was. maverick 111 day's that's a satanic number lol. I think you can probably finish that by April You should join sscoasters you sound good and we can help you get better ,and you can show us your work.

Maybe. I'm positive I will need MUCH more roller coaster sets. the real ride's length (not track length) is around 5,000-6,000 ft. i have more info about the busch garden roller coasters then anybody in this universe >:D

NVM i did the math and it won't have enough speed to complete the whole track so i'll make it later once i have enough pieces so i can make it bigger. T.T

wow....just..wow that is awesome.... how many parts did it use

I wouild like to vuild a roller coaster, but i dont have any tubing, and only one green roller coaster piece


i get a screamin serpent model off of ebay for around 30-40 $

Yea, I see. Im not all that into roller coasters anyway. I mean making them. This one that you made is Incredible. Im more into ball machines. I Like making working pinball machines too :-)

. Wow! Nice work.