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Iron Man Answered

Hello. No one seems to have done anything in this group at all since inception. That honestly sucks, as I was hoping that someone would have put in some time and at least come out with some sketches, or put their thoughts down on paper.

Well I am not one to complain without doing something about the problem. First up is the issue of powered movement. That is the core of Iron Man's super strength. You have 3 real options here. Hydraulic, Stepper Motor, or Servo Motor. I have filtered out hydraulic simply because it is not as easy to work with as the other electrical motors. I found a comparison chart, and a link to it is posted below.

Based on the information it contained, I would say that a stepper motor is the most efficient way to go. It takes more power to run, and generates more heat, but neither of those problems is difficult to deal with. Heat syncs, and a propane/natural gas generator will solve both of those problems readily.

The next problem is the exoskeleton, the armored body of Iron Man. I have looked into materials, and the difficulty in casting them, or machining them. ZA, or Zinc Aluminum alloys seem to be the way to go. They are relatively easy to make, requiring only about 900F to melt them, they cast extremely well, and they make extremely fine detailed castings. When they set up, they have hardness equivalent to that of Cast Iron. They also lend themselves readily to sand casting, mold casting, and to graphite casting.

Alright, I have put my 2 cents in. Lets hear from the rest of you.



I agree, a stepper motor is definetly the best way to go. Another thing that might be hard to make for the suit is any weaponry. In the movies and comics, he has some sort of ray gun that forces objects away with great force. I personally have no idea what this could be, but if you have any ideas plz post them.

You actually have a few options here. Repelling things is a matter of pressing on them. Pressing is applying kinetic energy, or causing it to be applied.

First is a kinetic laser. These lasers were developed for the Starwars inititive, and they can strike with the force of several sticks of dynamite. They found that simply changing the frequency of light to a higher frequency would vastly increase the power output of the laser. Find one in the high ultraviolet, and you are good to go. Down side is heat, laser blindness from reflected light, high power draw, and size, but it could be done.

Second is a PPC, or particle projection cannon. Make a betatron particle accellerator, and inject some gas. Spin it up to high RPM and let it go once it has reached the desired energy. ON the plus side it can hit insanely hard. On the minus side, it will render a tank into a puddle of slag, and you have a POWERFUL magnet on your arm. You also have to let the system reach vacuum before you can prepare another shot. But DAMN it hits hard.

Third is a rail/plasma gun. technically it can hit with just enough force to repell your target. Not as much fun though. Just ramp up the current and make a hole. Also with enough force, it can make a projectile hit with as much force as a damned artillary shell. It can leave CRATERS in the ground. Much coolness.

Although the ppc would give a ton of power, it definetly has too many down siddes. i like the kinetic laser the best. it is much more practical than the ppc. as far as heat goes, it would have to be surrounded by a some sort of heat insulator. heat syncs or maybe liquid nitrogen/liquid helium might be able to do it, but how hot is hot?
when it comes to discussing how to make the iron man suit,m an exact replica might not be the way to go. many times tony stark was almost defeated and was saved by luck or someone else. new ideas should be put into the suit. i think there should be whips, similar to the ones made by whiplash, that have a lot of electric current running through them. i have a few good ideas for this, but i dont have them down on paper, so i am going to draw up a design and post it up.

How is it more practical? The PPC has a slower fire rate, but the Betatron is 2 STRONG magnets with a coiled vacuum line. It spins gas around in a circle and accellerates it as it goes untill it spits it out as high energy gas plasma. Not fast but relatively simple to build.

A kinetic laser on the other hand eats lenses for breakfast, can be reflected, and still takes a decent ammount of power. That and finding a laser diode in high UV could be problematic. Also there is the issue of reflected light. Blinding yourself or others is not desirable.

I have heard the airforce is working on a method of sending electricity over light waves. The method involves ionizint 2 paths of light, and using the ionized gas to conduct the electricity. Not sure how that works though.

do you have any ideas on how a form of arc reactor would work. I have seen how two carbon rods with electric current running through them make a bright bluish light when next to eac other, but i dont see how that would make a designer.

For that much power i expected it to be much harder too make. In that case the PPC is better, seeing as that it would most likely not need to be used over and over again. In a book i read that when plasma reaches temperatures of 12000 degrees fahrenheit, it's viscosity rises and things such as bullets can not pass through it. Have u ever heard this?

Like most things armor related density makes a difference. You still have to defeat inertia, and you still have to keep that plasma stationary. You could shield a ship, but a suit is out of the question. Plasma is just too high energy to use in that manner.

To understand plasma you have to know what it is. It is gas that has been raised to such a high energy rate that the entire outer electron shell has been stripped away. For some elements, like hydrogen, this can be achieved at very low energy, for others, like oxygen, they do not ignite until well into the thousands of degrees.

ANY element can be converted to gas, and thus to plasma. The question is how hot (How much energy do you have to apply) and how fast (How far do you accellerate the atoms before release).

Now it IS true that gas will try to expand that is part of what gas does. Plasma even more so, as it is superheated gas. BUT gas particles when exposed to a magnetic field will take up orbit. The stronger the field, the tighter the orbit and the faster the spin. Like planets in orbit around the sun. It is a question of atomic mass, magnetic field strength, and the individual speed of each atom.

A PPC operates by releasing all this gas as one high density pulse aimed by magnetic barrel at a target. The result is a ball of super reactive atoms moving at a significant fraction of light speed that will burn a hole in anything they come in contact with. They are semi cohesive as they generate their own magnetic fields (Extremely STRONG magnetic fields) so they will travel generally forward. Magnetic deflection is not much of an issue as the fields would have to be STRONG to significantly deflect such accelerated particles.

Viscosity occurs because as the energy of the atoms rises so does their magnetic field strength. That means that the hotter they get the more they are attracted to each other. That is why you have huge plasma arcs on the sun during sun spots and not  giant explosions, because the magnetic fields are so strong they keep the gasses together in a stream.

To make an effective shield, you need a hell of  lot of vacuum. Then you need a hell of a lot of gas. Then you need a hell of a lot of magnets. The magnets to keep the gas in check so that you do not have a streamer of plasma cut your ship in half randomly. They also serve to accelerate the plasma to high enough speed to keep projectiles out. Such a shield could be constructed, but is impractical on earth because our atmosphere would be constantly reacting with the plasma and slowing it down.

Physics is my favorite thing. If you do not know your world, and how it works, how can you know anything?

there are lots of arc reactor instructables out there just search

the technology for an arc reactor that makes more energy than it needs to run does not exist...........mostly because it is against the laws of thermodynamics.....then again, laws were meant to be broken....(cue dramatic music)

Gee, an arc reactor would be great......but i have(and neither do you) no idea how to make one!

I have a schematic and almost all the parts for my Exo skeleton. Even if I do build it I would be squeamish about posting it online for the world to see. I would feel... Naked knowing people were copying it.

the iron man suit definetly needs a power supply. do you know any ideas for a way to power the ppc, stepper motor, coooling system etc.

if you could make a material that contracts like musicelswhen it is exposed to electicity it would be very easy to build a titanium carbon carbon shell so you would have fluid motion onlong with the benifeds of the armor

You could do plates of interlocking armor that would have the freedom of flexibility but if straightened out would form a solid plate. You could make each plate of carbon fiber reinforced with spider silk, which is stronger than steel at 1/8 the weight.