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Iron Man 2 Kinetic Sculpture? Answered

For those who have seen Iron Man 2:
In that one scene where Tony is in an office with Pepper on the desk there's that sculpture on her desk. I did some research (A.K.A googling it) and found that it's called the Swinging Stick Sculpture. Do you think its possible to construct one out of wood? It would be so awesome :P



8 years ago

I'm afraid not. You see It's actually got a powered assist in the base. A small magnet in the long end of the large rod is pushed by an electro-magnet in the base to keep it spinning. That's partially why it costs so much to order from a site like thinkgeek. So, it actually consumes power to operate.

And magnets don't respond to wood so no can do.So if you want to make one it has to be metal and even then I think it's to much effort for what it is.

It's cool to start a conversation about, but I probably would get crazy from it pretty quickly.

I actually thought at first that you just had to power it by pushing or pulling like with newtons cradle (the ball thingie) but after I found out you have to put it on electricity and it just keeps going it wasn't for me.

Besides this baby cost $240! That's way to much for that damn thing.

I don't know what you think but it'll be hard to make and pricey to purchase...

http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/cubegoodies/e060/ (for price)


Reply 8 years ago

Well can't you possibly attach magnets inside the wooden parts? As for the electro magnet, one can easily be made from some wire and a power source like some batteries, right?


Reply 8 years ago

Well as far as the powersource goes sure you can do that. But according to me the magnet in the out end of the large rod gets pushed because the rods are metal. If they are not metal it will not work....