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Irritating Site PopUps Answered

I quite like getting notiification emails and I often like to check out the featured article on the web pages but I sure as heck get extremely irritated that the popups appear so quickly and cover so much of the page that it interferes with my reading of the article. Can these be turned off/delayed?

I understand the desire to market the tutorials to interested people but this is just darned irritating.

BTW - this comment page hung for ages because of Google analytics - not very user friendly.


I am unable to view the Instructables site at all because of the Mackeeper pop up. It prevents access unless I download it, and I have no desire to do so. I like the site, but can't visit it because of this *very* aggressive pop-up.

LOL, what popups! xD

I've not seen an Internet ad, for some years now..:) Check out 1) Firefox, with Adblock Plus (Beware of fakes, btw. :)) and it doesn't hurt to use a hosts file, something like: winhelp2002.mvps.org/

Totally against the purpose of keeping a website alive.
If everyone would block the ads by default most websites would go out of business soon.
It's good for unknow sites and where you really need extra protection against hijackers and such but not for your favourite website ;)

What popups?

I'll grab one next time it happens - I seem to rememeber it was something to do with selling instructible courses - if I'm wrong I'll cower in a dark corner :-)

Are you talking about advertisements?
If so the best option would be a pro account...

It seems to have gone away. I haven't seen them for over a week now neither on my tablet nor my desktop PC. Wish I'd grabbed a screen shot - but you know how it goes - you're in the middle of something - email arrives - just take a quick peek and BAM a popup almost as soon as I got to the website - very annoying - but as I say, I haven't seen one for over a week now. Strange.

I see popups on mobile every once in a while. Can't remember the exact site but it was one of those "You are the millionth visitor" type of scam. It will only pop up once and if i close out the page and try the link again, no pop up. Definitely a scammy popup which does not reflect well on the Instructables brand.