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Is 18 rounds always enough to get you through one round of any type of knex war? Answered

I shot my TV with my TR18



as TheDunkis mentioned before, dodgeball techniques work well, i like to build or use a belt that has pockets for extra ammo, or you could have extra ammo dispensers at the team bases. but in a free for all i would just have ammo scattered randomly about in little boxes or crates.


8 years ago

In one on one and small team matches it is definetly enough if u stop to refill ammo after each hit/round like I do, but in a team match with >4 people on the other team I would carry some in your pocket or keep some at your base. Don't give it up for a weapon with a bigger mag because the tr 18 is THE BEST knex war weapon and I wouldn't give it up for the br 36 because it is way too front heavy and uses a ton of pieces, more than 200 1-slot grey connectors. Can you give me best answer please?

You can never carry enough ammo. 
You always need more and you always need more power!

Someone really needs to mount a flame to the front of their knex gun so it shoots melted plastic not just lame rods :)

 Yeahhh..... right..............

Carry pocketfuls of ammunition and bring a small, mag-fed sidearm incase you somehow run out of ammo.

sure if you keep refilling the turret whenever you get the chance 18 is more than enough.

Depends on how many other players are playing, the gametype, and your accuracy.

If there are 10 players on a field of 50x50 and you hit 30% is 18 enough

Well, mathematically maybe. Ok first off, 30% (I'm going to round it up to 33.34 or 1/3 to make it easier) accuracy means that 6 of your shots are good. If you were planning on taking out the other 9 people by yourself, that wouldn't work obviously but if everyone is shooting at each other or you have teams, 18 rounds should be just enough.
What are your plans? Give everyone a TR18 loaded but with no extra ammo? It probably wouldn't hurt to have like 3-6 extra rounds in your pocket and then just crank the turret a little more than you need to so you can quickly slip in rounds when you get the chance. Then again you can always pick up rounds off the ground too so you'll technically never run out of ammo if you play dodgeball (i.e. pick up pieces just shot at you).

ok, thanks, comment something, I'll give you best answer for this :-)

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that's why I asked him to comment something

Depends on if you're on free for all or on teams.