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Is Archos a good brand? Answered

I was looking into brands on mp3 players also able to surf the web. I came across a brand I've never heard about called Archos. Particularly, I was looking at the Archo 43. Any comments? Is this a good brand? Is it reliable?



I was looking for same thing myself , read customer reviews posted on store websites as well as those on gadget sites. It's total rubbish!, but you get what you pay for and this is no hidden gem.Consider a Samsung Galaxy Player with either the 4" or 5" display for $230+, wi-fi n, bluetooth, 3g on android 2.3.

Good Luck

I saw alot of those comments myself and it seems to be more hassle then it was worth. I actually did end up going with the galaxy player 4". Thanks!

I have an archos internet tablet. It's not bad... unless you want to watch netflix on a portable device like I do. If you want netflix, you have to go to a main brand (like iPod). But if you are just using it to check e-mail, do ibles, etc... I would probably recommend it.