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Is Borderlands more "FPS-ish" than Fallout 3? Answered

Hi guys, I didnt really get into Fallout 3 because I just didnt like the way the game works.
I think it's a bit too RPG based, which isn't a bad thing, but I bought it as a shooter.
Is Borderlands more like a shooter with RPG prinicples, or a RPG with some FPS features?


Borderlands is much more FPS than RPG. So yeah, a shooter with RPG principles.

Just watch some gameplay videos and you should be able to make that decision yourself.

However, this is coming from a guy who loved Fallout 3, and has only watched people play Borderlands.

ive played borderlands and i am a level 37 and i have beat the... i have also played fallout three and new vegas... and borderlands is my fave... because i like the fps, blowshit up traits in this rather than a more rpg style gameplay... i really like the graphics to.. mostr people say they look weird but i like that difference from other video games... overall borderlands i like alot more but dont get me wrong fallout is still a great game.....

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