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Is Instructables about to explode? Discuss Answered

Ok, now, here is what i see

  • massive sponsors
  • ibles projects on practically every blog, daily
  • Mahusive amount of media coverage on tv, radio, and the nets
  • Great potential

Now, i know were pretty big atm, but, as you all know, ive been to the future.

Its going to happen, and its going to happen soon.
Instructables will explode. Its gonna be big, and us, the faithful few, are slap bang in the center.

Let me know what you think, and how we will survive what i am coming to call,

The Ibleoclypse



Okay, I am now seeing the big problem... And I am having a problem for my self too, with so many more people now knowing hacks and everything it is harder to find good bargains and stuff.. Last year, I had found a lot of great stuff in skips, mainly electronics, but this year, there is hardly anything in the skips...

Don't forget about the economy... more people throwing less out, and more people looking for scrap etc. I made Ibleoclypse up..

BTW, umm, I never heard of Ibleoclypse, what is it? (I feel kind of stupid now...)

I swear though, No one in washington has even had the slightest idea of instructables


9 years ago

It's coming together...where they asked us to tell Robot's story,somebody mentioned Ibles coming down...It all makes sense now...

It was coolz who said it...200 years later,instructables closes down...

200 years after ibles closes down. it does not close down until 1000000000 years after 2008.

And then they sell Instructibles to iVillage and I have to go find a new place to hang.

I shall sabotage your efforts to bomb HQ! Nobody plants a bomb in the instructables HQ!!! NOBODY!

Well, it is easy to do so....

First, get employed and pretend you are an employee of Instructables..

Then order lots of sugar and potassium nitrate, tell the team you are working on a private project which will give them a surprise..

Mix the sugar and potassium nitrate together, stick a fuse in it, light it, close doors, tell them you have an emergency at home, leave, then....


But seriously, I would never do such thing to Instructables HQ...

XD Suger and potassium nitrate? I think we could at least use a pan-dimensional plasma bomb....

Whatever you two futurist (RocketScientist2015 and gmjhowe) with their cool time machines are taking about.. :-)


btw your getting good at this future techno babble, im currently working on an electromagnetic revolver, should be good!

Labot wishes to learn futurespeak too :D

Step 1: Read all of JmiyJoe's ibles Step 2: Watch 10 seasons of Stargate, pay attention to what Captain/Major/Lt Colonel Carter says. Step3: Watch The Blade Runners and Matrixes Step 4: Have JimyJoe inform you that you are really from the future, partially regain your memory. You should be set then...

We didn't learn it, its just what we know from a future lives..

Finally! You are long overdue on a revolver, I suggest 7 chamber.

Ahh thank you, I've started doing it in normal dialogue for kicks, people think I'm either the real deal, or schizo...

Or you can make thermite and melt the servers...

You could, but you need to get an strict permission to get pass the locked doors to get to their heart of instructables...

Oo Oo!! I've got some experience in that sort of thing! In addition to forgotten exploits, I've also planted stuff in me boss's office...

Along with this ibleoclypse will come a hoard of new members, hopefully many of these noobs will evolve into true instructables members and uphold the community, however i think we need to work as a team to keep the "youtube a**hat" type out, the ones who tell you how stupid/homosexal/retarded you are and don't actually contribute... if i was the lord of time id keep instructables just as it is. we already have a fantastic community and a massive flow of new projects and ideas :D

I agree, but, more projects, and more community, will also be good,

But will we as veterans survive the whole thing? Or will we be knocked out of the way slightly by an massive number of members? My thoughts would be there'd be a lot of disrespect for us elders in the new world... Youtubers can be kept out with a typing test and a simple picture lineup... Or pitchforks, either works for me.

"Us veterans" (only on the internet would two years make you a veteran) will survive because of the way we already use the site. There are members who think that people like you and I have been here forever.

We already have members working as the feature team. I foresee a time when those members, or a group very like them, become a new layer of staff, with some admin rights and moderator-style duties. It works in the chatroom, and I think it will (eventually) be needed here.

A dream job would to be a sort of international-intern. Work on the site, but from over here. Get paid to spend my summer break Making and posting...

Heck, I'd do it full-time, except I doubt it would pay my way.

Hmm, I still have a year to go then *chuckle*

ObviouslyIs there an echo in here? LOL

No, that's just feedback from your ear trumpet, grandpa...

Careful there young whipper-snapper, I still have one good one left in me yet....now where did I put that cane..... :-)

Don't laugh, I do have a partial plate ;-) uppers only though

Same here. I forgot and left them in the car the other night. They were so cold when I went to put them in, that they froze to my tongue and lip! I had to warm them, to put them in correctly!

Ewwww indeed! I had great teeth as a kid (up til my mid 20's). Straight and white as could be. But I left my wisdom teeth in too long. They pushed forward and ruined everything. Now (with my plate out), I fit in well with the other hillfolk:-)

"International intern"? Remote operations are a current development and deployment project for the LHC experiments. With extremely high speed (many gigabit/s) links between the U.S. and Europe, it is entirely realistic to have operators (staff) spaced across timezones. You can get full "24/7" coverage without anyone having to disrupt their sleep schedules.

The hardest part is getting supervisors to buy in. Giving up having their thumbs pressed directly into the small of your back is a difficult process.

LOL - I just had an image of using waldos to operate the laser cutter at Squid Labs.

"Us veterans"?!? The Grammar Police can only stand in dumbfounded amazement at the sheer audacity of one of the Queen's Own Englishers committing wanton pronoun substitution...

Where were you deployed? Desert Shield? Desert Storm? Afghanistan? DMZ?