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Is MW3 coming out on the wii? Answered

Just wondering, is MW3 definitely coming out on the wii?



I really hate people who think xbox and ps3 are the standard of gaming. That are my 5 cents. xD

ally code... wut ?

My above comment doesn't mean I play on Wii... Ally code = Wii right? Or am I being dumb here?

no your right i just figured you played we never mind

does the wii version has splitscreen?

lol, probably lots of people bought it, and play it online so it crashes

It's said that it mw3 is good balanced on weapons

the weapons look fair enough, at least theres no FAMAS.

But there's the Type 95 Rapid Fire.

(Basically a famas but better)

not really, the rapid fire makes NO difference at all...

It decreases the time it takes 3 bullets to shoot. It does slightly speed it up due to that.

type 95 is burst, and rapid fire only decreases the time between the bursts.

no it doesnt, ive 760 kills with it and theres No diff, beleive me.....

ok, maybe it's 'cause you have mw3 on the wii. Rapid fire sometimes doesn't affect guns on the wii versions, like the mpl on blops wii

ok, i believe you. I just read this on the cod wiki: The Attachments proficiency also can be very beneficial, as the excellent Rapid Fire attachment can be combined with a Red Dot Sight or Silencer. Contrary to popluar belief Rapid Fire does not reduce the delay between bursts, rather allowing the weapon to fire the burst faster. The delay between bursts stays at a standard 0.2 seconds regardless of Perks/Attachments.

My cousin got me an Xbox 360, I want to get that game so badly for it. And believe me I'm not one of those people that says go buy a Xbox 360 or PS3, Wii sucks. I happen to own Black Ops for Wii and Xbox 360. And yes it is or already has come out for the Wii, Infinity Ward announced that a couple months ago. The reason I said the wii version is or has, is because I know the PS3 and 360 version for MW3 came out yesterday, but I don't know about the wii version. Well at least in 'Merica (f*ck yeah) anyways. Lol.

Lol, thanks for respecting my opinion! very few people do that..... lol, im getting it now, dowloading for my hacked wii lol, its on like 40%

i respect your opinion too, i like cod on wii. Though i'm getting an ps3 in januar, and i buy mw3 on that

yep, do you still play cod 4 on wii? i read somewhere you did...

no lol, went thru 3 profiles because of noobtubes, lag shooting and other unfair crap.


6 years ago

ya. ive seen gamplay of it on the wii already. i like it one the wii better and i hate it how people are like " why wouldn't you buy the ps3 or 360 version. the wii sucks" i personlly like the wii better but the graphics could be better.

i got it lol. IMO wii is way better than the others. i dont care about graphics, to me its about 10% of the game lol

Ha, my cousin has a hacked wii, PS3, (the original first) Xbox, and you name it.


6 years ago

it is. im getting it maybe 2moro

no problem 8) I hope they put split screen in it though, otherwise, i'm probably gettting the pc version

Same. i just really want a good fair setup game online, unlike black c**ks.

probably yes, i saw it here:

i don't know if i get it for wii or pc though