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Is Non Newtronian Fluid edible? made with cornstarch and water makes non newtronian fluid and i gota know can i eat it? Answered

i ate some... but... AM I OK???


cornstarch and water, non-newtonian fluid, also with some sgar and egg yolk and flavour is custard which is also the base for ice-cream. so eat ice-cream and call it science.

Just for other people who MIGHT "eat Non-Newtonian" material , not all of them are as benign and non-toxic as cornstarch. YMMV. Cornstarch will do you no harm - but don't let it go mouldy !


9 years ago

YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joking aside, if it diluted enough you should be fine

If you digest it too fast it will solidify and become unpassable, better digest good and slow to ensure it has a low viscosity.

Walk, don't run to the bathroom.

Oh, my god! Your stress-strain relation is going to be non-linear! Who know what bizarre behaviour you might present as a result of that....

If it's just water and cornstarch then you're fine, that kind is non-toxic... but I would advise against eating it in the future :).