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Is Styrofoam now "OK" to use? Answered

Is the American attention span that short?  Just because Circle K promotes a "no sweat cup" as a connivence, does that mean we NEED to use Styrofoam?
Is OK to do so because this is a "new type" of Styrofoam?

As usual, I'm confused!



Best Answer 8 years ago

In Theory, polystyrene foam is very recyclable. In Practice, very few recyclers will accept it. The problem is that they use an automatic sorting system which separates the different kinds of plastic based on their density -- and a foam of any kind floats to the top, defeating this mechanism. IF you can find someone who will take the foamed plastic, and are willing to make the effort to get it to them, fine. Otherwise... yeah, this should be pushed back on a bit. However, I have to admit that I sometimes use the stuff myself. Not often, and I prefer plastics which _can_ be recycled. But there are times when...


8 years ago

Well it is recyclable and I like Styrofoam cups for their insulative properties.

So, yes I guess I do need styrofoam products.