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Is Table tennis a sport???? Answered

So a guy in school is slaging me because i do table tennis. He says its not even a sport. I think it is a sport because its in the Olympics. Do you think it is a sport??????



6 years ago

Table Tennis is not a sport. It is more of a hobby. Sure its in the olympics, so is diving and a lot of other hobbies people have.

Table Tennis (or ping pong) is definitely a sport. Especially if you are Chinese (300,000 Chinese people play it). I had to do a report on it. One of the articles i used for the report started out by saying "Table Tennis is a sport that...". So there. TEEHEE!


8 years ago


Well, in my opinion, "Ping Pong" is a game. However "Table Tennis" can be considered a sport.

Ping Pong: What you play with your buddies in the basement.
Table Tennis: What you see the people playing on TV: highly competitive, with athletes who train to play professionally.

This is only my opinion; I am no expert.


9 years ago

Table Tennis is a sport because it is played competitively!!

sport a game or competitive activity
Yes, you are right.


I would have thought you would have known about the correct definition of a sport! Hunting, fishing, shooting. The only 3 sports. The rest are games. By that definition, tiddlywinks and monopoly are sports.

That definition is from the Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press 1990. You can either accept the definition of the word or reject it. As it itable tennis is played competitively, I'd agree with the dictionary. Hunting, fishing and shooting are not necessarily sports, but can be if done competitively.


In my collins dictionary (dad's, 1969) it says that a sport is anything that involves killing animals for enjoyment or other purposes. Not a direct quote, but I got the jist of it, in that Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting are the only true sports.

My dictionary is 21 years ahead. But you get the idea of "official", what is or isn't depends upon your source(s) - go with what ever you like. I'd be a bit surprised if the book actually says "killing animals for enjoyment or other purposes", but I guess it's also sexist and racist as compared to modern values? L

In reality, it is a game. Football, basketball, golf, tennis, all of this type of thing, none are sports. The only true 3 sports are Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting. So in answer to your question, no. It is a game, as much a sport as football.


9 years ago

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i wouldnt care wut the guy says its a sport a good one too =)lol ihave a a table tennis table.. very fun

Yes, Table Tennis is definitely a sport! This is a pick I found online of the "Table Tennis Olympics!"

It is a sport, as much of one as regular tennis. Anyone denying it is either stupid, in denial, or jealous. :D

"The game is controlled by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), founded in 1926. Since 1988, table tennis has been an Olympic sport which includes four events."

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