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Is The Independence Project (Jack Daniels) being voted on publicly? Answered

I get the option to vote on my cell...but not on my laptop it seems....While reading the rules I thought that Instuctables or Autodesk staff were choosing the final 20....Please advise :)

Also, i posted my entry last night, should I start to worry that it is not posted with entries?  I noticed the # of entries has been the same the last few days....



No, voting is not happening publicly for this contest and you should not be able to vote on it any more.

Yeah...I just tried again...I'm using my iPhone. Thru the mobile site it gives a vote option...

(Oh, the bug-fixers will want to know which version of iOS and browser you are using?)

As far as I can tell...it's the mobile site on the safari browser that shows the option. I'll need to look up which iOS I'm on...I have an iPhone 4s if that helps at all

I just looked with my iPod, and got no vote button. Are you still getting it?

That's the way I understood the rules, but seeing the vote button from my cell was what confused me :) I can't wait to see the additional entries submitted over the weekend! Feel free to checking out...I think it should be on my profile if not listed on the entries page yet :)

Unusually for an Instructables contest, all the judging is being done off-site by a panel consisting, at least in part, of Jack Daniels employees.

As far as I know, the entries are moderated into the contest and over the long weekend, there was likely no one available to add entries to the list. You don't need to worry about your entry as they go by published dates and I would imagine that many more entries will be added today (provided they all meet with the requirements).

I'm not sure about the voting or how the final 20 are chosen. You may want to consult with the official rules for more information, or perhaps someone else will chime in with the answer for you. :-)