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Is The Insulated Wire In An RCA Cable, The Negative or the Positive One? Answered

I was just trying to build an RCA to USB cable but I am not being able to find the polarities! Please HELP!


What's it for ? USB isn't usually compatible with RCA connector.....

Beats me. A custom cable with some smarts in the plug ? I repeat: Analogue signals are NOT compatible with USB.

Its conceivable this is a very very small video capture unit.

You won't be able to wire and RCA cable to a USB plug and be able to have any kind of audio or video going to or from your PC. Also an RCA connector isn't exactly the best choice for a power connection. If your trying to connect the RCA cable to the power of the USB.

+1 RCA is analog, USB is digital. They are two totally different things.