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Is There Any C++ Client For Mac? Answered

Aside from dashcode, is there any c++ client similar to visual c++ studio 2008 express for mac osx



Best Answer 8 years ago

there is xcode (developer.apple.com) eclipse (eclipse.org) qt editor (qt.nokia.com) codewarrior (freescale.com/codewarrior) i would use xcode... it is really a great tool, apple uses it.

which of those is most like c++ visual studio?

i use visual c# on windows... and xcode on the mac... I would lean towards using xcode.

because it is relatively simple to use, and the gui design tools are amazing. also, it integrates well with a tool called quartz composer, so animations are amazing.

Did you get snow leopard yet...I did

i havent... still waiting for it to fully stabilize with the apps i use.

Codewarrior is a great IDE. I use an older windows version from back when Metrowerks still ran the show for embedded development

XCode comes with your Mac installation DVD. It's the most fully integrated with the OS and GUI.

Of course, if you're a real programmer, just open Terminal and use Emacs, GMake, and CVS the way GodStallman intended.