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Is There Any Easy Way To Dig up Massive amounts of Dirt? Answered

I Have a Budget of 0 Dollars,I Have Wood,And a Tiny Shovel That i am Using Right now,IT takes Pretty Much Forever to Dig up a Small Bucket,Any Ideas For a Quick Way to do it,By the Way,I Need This Today,So Reply As soon as Possible;) Some Thing That i Can Do To Get the Dirt To come apart Easily?



Best Answer 9 years ago

if its high sand soil - it might come apart right away. Try to borrow a garden spade to do the shovelling - and a garden fork (the heavier kind of pitch fork) to break up clumps and help excavate. What you buildin? :D

I Had To Dig Up A Big Bucket of dirt For the garden,In return,I get a reward. So I am Not Really Building anything now ;)

yeah, the biggest appropriate sized shovel is what you need :D

yeah,I had a shovel,like 3 shovels,but,long story short,i don't have them anymore :P