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Is a hair-dryer hot enough to deform PVC? Answered

A future project requires the slight deformation of cut PVC waste-pipe. Not soft enough to melt, just enough to slightly open a cut half-pipe, then keep it there when it cools. Will a hair-dryer provide enough heat, or will I have to invest in a hot-air gun?



Best Answer 8 years ago

not enough heat try putting it in the oven a low temprature for about 3-10 mins then bend it and leave to cool then sand it fown to get rid of any marks

Ah! That's a grand idea. Thanks.

maybe you can try answer my question on copper grease?

wow thanks for best answer let me know how it goes

Instead of putting the pipe in the oven you can put sand in the oven and put the hot sand in the pipe. This way you won't have to deal with fumes from the pipe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6JZep-jST4

 Milwalkee makes a super heat gun. How cheap do you want to get ?

 you could do what we do it on my FIRST robotics team, and get a pan of sand in the oven at around 140 degrees, then pour it through the pipe and flex it like spaghetti to the shape you want 

Well, naturally, the number of watts is key. For instance, a cheap 300w hairdryer probably won't, but I know for a fact that an 800w one will melt knex... So I'm guessing if you have a strong one, it will.

Boiling water works if you have a large enough container.

PVC melts over a range from 105 to 130 C, so the hair dryer not so much, but Sharlston's oven idea should work.

Vinyl chloride fumes will be emitted; so in your place I would 1) send Mrs. Kiteman and the young Kitemasters to the movies or somewhere, and 2) open every window and turn on every fan in the house, before proceeding.
(But as I'm not in your place, you'll use your own best judgement. :)