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Is a laser module reqired to make a laser cutter? Answered

I pulled a laser diode out of my 16x dvd burner drive and want to use it to make a laser cutter/burner. I want to know is it required to use a laser module or can I just hook it up straight to a battery and have it work.? Also how many battery do I need to make it work.? I tried hooking it up straight to a 9v battery but nothing happened.


your diode will burn out if you wire it straight to the battery (you need a laser driver circuit) are you talking about a laser housing? it isn't required, but if you want to use it continuously, you'll need the housing

Is there an alternate way to get this laser driver circuit instead of buying it online? Is there anything in the remaining DVD Burner you can salvage or any other way to salvage that piece?

well.. you can look for a LM317T chip

What is a laser driver circuit.? Were can I get one?