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Is an Instructables Database Download possible? Answered

Is there a way to download the entire Instructables database for offline viewing, mirroring and/or backing up?

Yes, I realize how big such a download would be. Nothing compared to Wikipedia's, though... And yes, I do realize that there are "download PDF of Instructable" link. I'm talking about a "Download ALL Instructables" link.

Or be able to order a stack of CDs/DVDs... That would work too...


Earlier I sent a message to one of the founders of instructables, and I just got the reply. He said that database downloads are currently not available.

Please download and send me the pdf of
to mr.xtheunbeatable@gmail.com


Vale, alguien tiene una cuenta pro, quiero unos tutoriales de esta pagina, si alguien me haría el favor de descargarlo por mi, o que me preste su cuenta


7 years ago

I would definitely like the instructables database... or a downloadable version of the webiste...

Have there been any developments on this?
Recently I downloaded Wikipedia (tho can't seem to get the images working), and thought it might also be good to have Instructables on my usb drive just in case I suddenly need to do something for the first time away from the internet.

No new developments over here!

I think that (most) of the wikipedia downloads don't include pictures, as pictures tend to take up more space than text.

you can use firefox's scrapbook extension. It has an option to save "X" number of links deep for offline viewing. Save the instructables homepage and set "X" to a very large number and I think you'll be good... or it'll just crash firefox :P

or if you want a way to save just single pages quickly, just Ctrl+A and drag into Evernote

I was thinking more along the lines of EVERYTHING. I'll try out scrapbook.

I'm also very very interested in doing this...

All we need is a way to scrape all of the download pdf links from all the pages then we can put the thing in xget (or whatever its called)

I have calculated how much space you would need to do a database download. I have 130 saved instructables, which is about 82.1 MB. This comes out to an average of about 631 KB each. Now, there are about 1300 pages with 20 Instructables on each page. This is about 26,000 instructables! Multiply the numbers and you will need about 16.5 GB of storage for all of the Instructables. Since these results are based off of my 130 favorite instructables, they could be off by a little or a lot. My suggestion is that if this is possible, buy a 1 TB hard drive. This should cover all of the storage needs. :-)

Although admittedly, I'd pay a little extra on the PRO membership if they made the database of pdf's available. Even on instructables I wouldn't normally be interested in, ya just never know when someday you'd come across a situation that one would be handy and the internet was down... :)

16 gigs isn't that much. I use more space than that just for pictures. lol

Or I could just get 3 gmail accounts (as of this posting).

I rekon that some sort of auto downloader would work...... but that almost the same as the scrap book idea.... ....the other thing to do would be to grab the pdf's from the output of the scrapbook.....thus creating a db dump! (kind of)

just remembered aswell it would be a few GB higher (probably alot more) than jst the size of the pdf's esp. if scrapbook was set to a *high* number


9 years ago

i was recently in the same spot as im looking trhough 'ibles guts and want a faster way in which i can get all the links and then load teh links into a program or a command or something and save it all as seperate html files...

maybe getting accsess to 'ibles FTP or ssh or however they upload to the server....

... Uh... You mean hack the Instructables website? I'm not saying I've never done it before, however, Instructables is a website that I think a lot of people would be up in arms if I did hack... Plus, my Haxor level is probably not sufficient...

no, its not h4xoring at all...i forget who said it but a while back an admin was talking about an instructables crash and tried pinging and sshing and FTP and stuffs

... Meh, sounds just as bad. Sounds like too much work too.