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Is an aluminium bullet good for range and spiraling in a spud gun ? Answered



Probably no better than a spud, but a lot more likely to get you in serious trouble with the law.

You can get Nerf-type balls with fins, in a lot of sizes. The fins will make it spin, which will increase the range.

good idea, and I may experiment with it. I also need mass tho to keep the projectile going. Idk how it will get me in legal trouble. 50cals are legally for sale and they can definitely make a bigger mess. Also, there is no one out here to hit

This is an international site, and local laws on firearms dramatically.

I've need potato-type cannons fire Nerf balls the length of a soccer field, so I doubt range is an issue...

but will it fit... it's a 1 1/2 inch barrel. I live in the north west USA. They are not even considered firearms up here. What about wood? Is that a good common ground?


If you make the sabots they can be made any size you want.

The Abrams Tank barrel is 120 mm or 4.7 inches and they make sabot kinetic rounds for the Abrams Tank.

The first sabots made; were made of wood and fired from black powder guns.

True here in Canada anything over a muzzle energy of 5.7 joules or 4.2 foot-pounds is a gun.


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Firing Range or distance range ?

Spiraling how ?

I would make the bullet smaller than the barrel and make it fit tight with duck tape. Then use small strips of electrical tape at a slight angle oblong the length of the bullet to try to initiate a spiral. I want the projectile to go as far as possible accurately, or as accurate as a spud gun can get.

Maybe the new Myth Busters will look at this for you....

this is the way I see it


Thinking the purpose might be still on the legal side I might have an idea too after reading Josehf's post.
When I still had a proper workshop I rifled my homemade barrels with a quite easy tool and a lot of time.
Similar should be possible "in reverse" with PVC piping.
Look up on how a rifling tool or better the mechanics for it can be made.
For the pipe you would need an inner, metal tube that has a groove cut out but otherwise is a tight fit for the pipe.
For the outside you need a metal roller similar to those used to repair flyscreens.
Both need to be fixed to the rifling mechanism to work in sync.
With a heat gun or blow torch you heat the PVC tube in the area where the roller should start to make the first "dent" into the pipe.
Slowly move the rifling tool along while heating the pipe and pressing the roller in.
Having cold water flow over the pipe behind your work area will make sure it won't deform too much.
Repeat until you get three or 4 evenly spaced grooves - means you need something to lock the angle on the rifling tool ;)
Grooves that go about 3mm deep into the inside of the pipe should be sufficient.
Over the length of one meter you want one to one and a half turns.
I would not recommend to cut into the pipe to do any rifling as this will badly compromise the tensile strength.
You can now use a block of soft polystyrene to make the two halfs of a seperating Sabot.
Should be a snug fit around the projectile and fully seal the pipe.
To aid friction I suggest to use a purpose made cleaning rod that you can use to grease the inside of the pipe.
The stuff tyre fitters use works great here and if bought in a bucket costs less than a cent to grease the pipe for the next shot.

No duck tape please; what you want is a "Sabot".

A Sabot is a Teflon jacket you put over bullets.

You can get them from 22-30 to 50-54 caliber.


I make my own bullets and I make my own Sabots, you can 3D print them or make them on a lath for any caliber you can dream up.

You can even get kinetic pellets for 177 pellet guns with a teflon saboted steel pellets.

Sabots can make your spud gun as accurate as a shotgun with its 12 gage sabot slug.



A spud gun is essentially a smooth bore gun like a shot gun. If you want to increase distance, I would just stick with potatoes and order a special rifled barrel.

An aluminum bullet with tape wrapped around it will either get stuck/do nothing at all, cause the barrel to explode or fly out.

the weight of the ammunition without increasing PSI and barrel length will not make the projectile travel further.

Aluminum bullet? Not a good idea. Unless you're going werewolf hunting...

Aluminum bullet is the only thing that can kill a werewolf.

silver COLOURED...Werewolves are dumb like that

I only see an accident waiting to happen....
1. If the aluminium gets stuck on the way out the pressure has no way to escape and the gun can explode.
A spud would just come out or break up.
2. A half decent spud gun is already powerful enough to kill a human - what damage would an aluminium projectile do?
3. A spud gun is not really about accuracy, it is about the useless fun of shooting a potatoe at something or just far away.
If you check how a spud flies after firing I don't really see the need for a balanced projectile....

if I wrap the thing in duck tape that would prob give under pressure tho