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Is anybody into fighting with noodle swords? Answered

  I enjoy playing with these things. I am having my birthday here pretty soon and will probably play with these things.
      I am asking for imput on these questions:
. Ideas for cheap and easy face and head protection and other safety precautions.
2. Your own set of rules that I can use to help me make a highly thought through and fair set of my own.
3. Tell me if you like to do this kind of stuff and give me your knoweldge from experience.

(I have a picture of noodle swords here just so you would know what I'm talking about.)


Fighting with foam swords is really fun. If your interested in making more advanced weapons and fighting rules check out dagorhir.com. Its a great place and there might be a group near you that you could join.

Yah, I've heard about those guys. Sadly, I just broke my leg, so no more physical activity for probably ten weeks.


6 years ago

face and head protection? What's the noodle for?

What I was getting at is that the noodle is soft already(sort of). I think someone probably put the noodle on the pipe because the pipe was dangerous. I was joking mostly.

You could try to find some old football and baseball helmets with face guards at thrift stores. They would do quite nicely and they don't limit your field of vision too much.

Can't help you on rules we just go for unnecessary violence and the first to quit loses. We've not had any brain damage so far.

Well, that's just the risk you take without the ability to have emotion in typed words.

If you really like these, consider finding an ATA taekwondo studio near you. They have recently added this sport to their training and competitions. It is called Combat Weapon Sparring. You always battle with people your age, rank, and gender. So you don't have to worry about going up against a 3rd degree Black Belt.

As far as cheap and easy protective equipment goes, I would suggest a bicycle or snowboarding helmet and ski goggles. Padded gloves really helps, because you will often get whacked on the knuckles accidentally. You might make some padded gloves by stuffing some foam into the fingers of some large work gloves. Or glue foam strips on the outside of the fingers of the work gloves. You can get really cheap cotton work gloves at any hardware store.

This is how we score points:
1 point for a good strike to torso
2 points for a strike to the head
extra point if the strike is made while both feet are off the ground. That is, you jump up and bop the guy on the head or something.

If you knock the guys weapon out of his hand, you get a point.

First one to 10 points wins. You need a referee to count points.

No strikes to groin. No stabs to neck or face. Every thing else is fair game.

Have fun!

David A

BTW. I am a middle-aged adult and I like playing with these, too! It's not just for kids!