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Is anyone working on a front wheel drive car? I need pictures. Answered

Is anyone here working on the front end of a front wheel drive car?
I'm working on a 3d model and i need the front wheel system, (eg: the brakes, drive axle, everything in the wheel well, except for the wheel)
i have tried google images but no luck, all of the pictures are just from the outside of the car and i need pictures of everything so i can model it.

im just hoping someone is taking their front end apart as im writing this!

any pictures are appreciated.


Have you tried looking for an old Haynes manual?

a what manual?
sorry but honestly ive never heard of Haynes before...

sounds like ive got something to google...

Haynes is one of the publishers of second-source maintenance manuals for automobiles (ie, the ones you get if you aren't willing to pay $150 or more for the dealer manual, or if it's for an older vehicle and the dealer manual is out of print). Chilton is another publisher of such manuals. Any good auto supply store should carry one or both of these families of books.

You don't care which car, so you might be able to just go looking for a friend or relative who has -- or had -- a manual for a front-wheel-drive car and buy/borrow their book. Or you could look for used books on eBay or the like.

Also: There *MUST* be websites about auto maintenance, and/or about installing auto accessories, which would have some photos. Whether they'd be of use to you for modelling purposes, I have no opinion.

Oh! ok i have heard of chilton before, they have a lot of those books at my local library, unfortunately you arent allowed to sign them out.

my dad light have some of those manuals, hes had a few front wheel drive mercury's (generally the same model), im going to ask him if hes got one laying around the garage.

Your library probably has photocopiers...

yes, but they are usually crowded, out of paper, or i have no change to print the paper..

If you know you're doing research, bring change; be patient if necessary; and ask the reference desk to get someone to bring more paper if needed.

Either it's worth doing, or it isn't worth doing.

I googled images for front wheel drive, and the posting that appeared directly above your question has tons of diagrams among all the actual photos of fwd cars.