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Is cashcrate real? Answered

I found another money making site; cashcrate. I just wanted to know if anybody have been using it and make money from those guys.


piramid scheme?

ok, well basically there one person or a group of people at the top. Each of those people refer x amount of people to something. They get money or a perk if they refer x more amount of people. So eventually u have a huge number of people clicking on some ad or something and all the people at the top get a huge amount of money and the people at the bottom get little to none. They're illegal. From the simpsons: Nonono, this isn't a shady pyramid scheme, we prefer the trapazoid model.

pyramids are illegal if there is nothing being sold of value.

AMWAY is a pyramid schem in it's own rights.

its a pyramid not a scheme i have friends doing it im to young though but really everything is a pyramid like mcdonald ppl that own mcdonald hire ppl that make next 2 nothing so yes everything is a pyramid not everything is a scheme

the only difference is that, a pyramid scheme depends on having those below you for you to make money. If no one is below you, you normally make nothing. And the illegal pyramids do so by compounding people below one's self to enter the scheme by investment, while not selling anything in exchange for those monetary commutations. There is only reciprocal money moving about, mostly up the ladder, and so the lower rungs lose out.

And if it is a pyramid scheme, of course the people who are already in it have gotten money out of it - they're at the top of the pyramid. The bottom - being one of the last people to buy in before the pyramid collapses - is where you don't want to be, and you never know when it's going to collapse.

i hate these websites there all scams

Cashcrate is real and I have used it before after doing some of the stuff received around $50.

my advice would be to just stay away from programs like this. most of these sites are just scams, and even those sites that are legitimate pay very little. these sites are middlemen. companies and services pay these companies to collect information, and then the money is split up between you and the survey program. so in the end you fill out long surveys for little money, it's not worth it.

More than often, these sites are making money off you and your precious time.... Bux.to still owes me money from june !

Its real :P I stopped at 10 bucks cashed out and was done... Though, I recomend apple.v-bux.com (v-bux is real) and I can get you my referall code. Also I have areally good forum I go to to trade... very supportive people there.

go with kitman's conjecture too good to be true

General rule of thumb: if it seems too easy or too good to be true, it is.

There is one thing that really bugs me, they are SOOO many youtube videos showing that people actually do make money from cashcrate...

No...there are so many YouTube videos showing people who claim to make money from cashcrate. How do you know any of those people are real, or honest?

Kiteman's rule of thumb is a good one, unless you have actual direct evidence (not "somebody says so") to the contrary. People lie. All the time. Not all people all the time, but at any given instant, somebody somewhere in the world is lying about something. It may not make any sense, but it is an unfortunate fact of human nature.

. Along the same line, ask yourself "Why did they post the video?" "What's in it for him/her?" More than likely, the videos are some MLM scheme (it looks like CC has a referral program that might qualify as MLM). Or an outright scam.
. TANSTAAFL. You will have to give up something (personal data, time, friends, &c).

After looking at it and a google, it seems to be one of those sites that pays you to sign up for free memberships, the catch being after x number of days they become recurring fee memberships, and you are probably saying "well I'll just cancel before that and get the money" but here's the thing, many of those sites will make near impossible to cancel, you'll be getting hit with fees that will cancel out anything you make. Secondly I saw some sites where people were bragging that it wasn't a scam because they'd made "over a hundred dollars over the last few months", what a pathetically sad way to slowly accumulate wealth, any odd jobs around the neighborhood would far out pay that.