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Is charging aerosol spray paint cans with home-mixed colors possible? Answered

I have access to raw pigments and about a dozen empty aerosol cans, is there any way to utilize these two items in tandem to create unique colors of working spray paint? (c'mon Banksy, if you're out there, help an aspiring artist)




8 years ago

I don't think so. Although the concept of putting liquid and a propellant in a sealed container in such a configuration that the liquid is expelled is a sound one, I don't think the equipment for doing it by one's self exists.

Spray cans are manufactured to be one time use only. The tops do not lend themselves to being recharged with pigment or propellant. An airbrush is really the way to go for this one.

making your own airbrush wouldn't be all that hard, just take a regular air nozzle and drip paint in the air stream at a controlled and tiny rate. (or so I imagine)

Of course I could be hugely wrong, and a kit exists somewhere out there, but the chances are against you.

They do make refillable aerosol cans. They have a huge manufacturing plant in Taiwan that makes a number of tools and equipment who makes these. I have made a number of them myself for spraying automotive finishes with very good results.

They do make refillable spray cans designed for this purpose, but modifying a regular spray can sounds like a dodgy proposition to me. Those cans are not manufactured to the highest standards anyway, and compromising the structural integrity by adding a check valve and a quick-connect fitting is just a shortcut to spray-painting everything in the room all at one time.

You would be surprised how much abuse a typical paint aerosol can, can take. There are a few demonstrations on YouTube of them being blown up under controlled conditions, and they take a huge amount of PSI before they let go. You can safely make a refillable rechargeable aerosol can with very little concern of it failing using a tire valve stem for the compressed air and a few other tricks to fill a can, You could add a safety release pressure valve if you were really concerned.

I prefer to use a mason jar so make it easy to fill with paint, which I have a number of with many different colours ready to spray..

Any idea where I can find those? I checked on bombingscience, dick blick and a few other seedier sites but I couldn't find them

If you look at this it will tell you how to make your own refillable can: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-spray-paint/
I would change the design and make the part cut from the top of the spray can smaller and glue it to the Bottom of the cap not the top so that pressure helps seal it rather than peel to spray nozzle assembly loose. Yes I realize this is a very old thread.


7 years ago


I went to an automotive paint supplier and had some paint mixed up for some auto body work,I asked that he also set a portion aside and put them into spray bombs for use in touch up's down the road.Each spray can will hold 4oz the rest is propellant.This will be your first place to go when your ready.