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Is facebook worth it? Answered

I'm wondering if it's worth getting facebook/twitter. I don't know that many people, but there are a couple that have it. I'm not used to things like this, as it is I got my email account 2months ago. So, should I get facebook or twitted, and what are the benigits?



3 years ago

I am creating a social network and I would like any advice that I can get. What do you or don't you like about Facebook or other social networking sites? Thanks! You can join mine when it is complete!

na they all get addictive and you have to lie about your age its really not worth it of ya gonna sign up to something try a vrtual world like habbo or runescape

well, i dont have the money or PC for online games. i got facebook anyway to find out if some friends were going to the same school, and aside from that i havent really used it. thanks anyway though.

habbo or habbok is free

i just got one saterday and it like showed me people that I already knew. I don't know how it did it but it was cool

it probably hooked up to your email contacts.