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Is free energy using two DC Motors is real or fake? Answered

I have recently seen the free energy using two DC motors.After watching it.I had interest in making that.At the same time, one question has raised in my mind.That is according to the newton law ,energy can neither be created nor destroyed or it can transform from one form to another.According to that free energy seems to me as fake.Any one explain me, is it real or fake?



As stated in a previous comment, perpetual motion is impossible. What is most likely happening is a few hidden wires power the light bulb and the motor. Someone in the background is flipping a switch to turn on the bulb and motor.

The problem is there is no such thing as perfect energy transfer. If you had the same setup, except without a lightbulb, some energy would be lost as heat in the friction of the brushes of the motors, some energy would be lost through the wires from escaping electrons, and many other small ways.

Also, those little motors are rated for 5V max, and maybe at max, 1A. That is a 110V, maybe 75W light bulb. That motor can't possibly output enough electricity to make the bulb light up.

Thanks for asking! Truth be told, I had no idea either, so I asked a good friend of mine, and that's what he explained.

Is cat-toast dynamo real, or fake? See YT video linked below:


OK. What about this one? This is a recent one about Randall Mills, and his claims that he's discovered methods for producing unusually large amounts of energy (impossibly large amounts according to current physics) from ordinary hydrogen.

I know. The fact that CNN covered this is, well, it's actually a strong indicator that this story is false, since CNN is a well known source of, "fake news", or even, "very fake news", depending on who you ask.

By the way, the author of this YT video, is Mills's company, and you can see what else he's got on this same Youtube channel.

I guess my point in linking to this, is to show that some free-energy-machine videos (particularly those involving cats) are obvious fakes, and others are, well... it's hard to tell.

I think this would be an excellent thing for Trump to invest all his money in.

+3 Wow, this is soooo much better then my UFOButterology story...

Thanks Jack,,

OK first of all you bought or built that is not free, you payed in one way or another.

Second geothermal heating 300% efficient.

But the two DC motors, wanker spew.

At best the generating capacity of a DC motor is 50%, so you put in 1000 watts, you get back 500 watts, but you need 1000 watts or more.

As for perpetual motion, geothermal heating 300% efficient, what makes anyone think it is the only one.


11 months ago

We do not see the input fine wires to light it up, nor do we see the acceleration of the motors or the incandescent warming up...

** !! IT IS A BLATANT FAKE !! **

It's fake, I don't even have to look it up.

[Looks it up]

Yep, it's fake.

Perpetual motion is impossible. If the creator can't or won't explain the physics then it is faked. By my best guess the one green/yellow wire disappears behind the motor and connects to an offline power supply along with the screw that's driven through at the bottom of the bulb.

Newton's laws have to do with force and motion:


and Newton's laws do not explicitly mention work or energy.

The notion that energy is universally conserved, i.e. neither created
nor destroyed by any physical process, is one of the laws of


That gizmo in the Youtube video you linked to, (v=rVk6e_eXqlQ), it looks pretty easy to build. Also I though the part where the author makes an Edison-style lightbulb socket, from just four screws and a block of wood, was particularly creative.

Anyway, because that thing is so simple to build, you could build one yourself, and discover if it works or not.

I mean, really: asking other people if they think it's real or fake. Do you think that's going to settle the matter? It's like you want other people to do your thinking, or experimenting, for you.

Hi.Can you explain more about the experiments you have seen?

I have attached the video URL.See that you can understand what my question is


I don't see how a dc motor like that would even start off of a peizo like that. Peizo put out low current high voltage. A dc motor like that uses low voltage (2-9v) high current (500mah minimum).