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Is instructables making changes to the site? Answered

Yesterday, when I was looking at an instructable, the bar on the right side that shows the views and related instructables was on the left. When I came back the next day, it was back on the right. I thought nothing of it, until today when I went to the homepage.The title and authors of the featured and popular instructables were shown, but not the sample text. Is this just my computer or is this happening to everyone?


They made a layout change but they reverted it back to normal because lots of users (including me) protested this change.


8 years ago

I have a similar problem as well... ill login on the front page, then go into an instructable, say the valentines day contest winners, and it'll have me logged back out again! why is this happening? 

Could you post this as a forum topic in Bugs?  That allows the staff to see it, and to keep different problems clearly delineated?  Thanks!

Yep; thanks! :-)  And by now you've seen my reply there.

Could you post this as a forum topic in Bugs?  That allows the staff to see it, and to keep different problems clearly delineated?  Thanks!

Garg.  I haven't seen this problem myself, but that doesn't mean the various server updates haven't caused problems.  It sounds like the problem is ongoing.  If you still see it on Monday, send a PM to Ed or Rachel to give them a heads up.


8 years ago

It's true, we have been making changes to the site - do you happen to like them?

There only one I like so far:  Changing the title text in forum topics and I'bles to black dramatically improves contrast and readability.

Dropping the introductory text in the I'bles boxes on the home page makes it harder to decide what to look at.

Moving the "additional info" column to the left chopped off essential comment (okay, I've got a horizontal scroll bar, but it's still a pain).

Dropping Answers as a featured link in the masthead is shortsighted.  It's going to end up like Groups -- obscure, poorly participated, and eventually unsupported.

The no sample text under the featured and popular instructables on the front page makes the site look alot cleaner, but not the related instructable bar on the left side. That doesnt seem to matter ayway, though, because it doesn't seem to be like that anymore.

Nah, that's local to your machine.  Do you have cookies enabled for "www.instructables.com" ?  You do not need to enable cookies generally, and certainly not for the advertisers, but I'bles itself only "remembers" that you're logged in by fetching the cookie that tells it so (this is, in fact, exactly what "cookies" were designed to handle).

Yes they appear to be making changes to the site.  I don't know if it is permanent changes, or if they are experimenting and quietly looking for feedback.  Yes, as far as I know, it is happening to everyone.

If they actually are looking for feedback from their PAID SUBSCRIBERS, perhaps they ought o announce the changes PRIOR to committing them instead of just making the changes without any discussion or announcement.

I just logged in this morning to find that they'd moved answers (Which is one of the primary reasons I coughed up dough to the site) to an almost hidden placement. Not very nice in my opinion.

Or... it could be because Firefox updated me automatically to 3.5.8 this morning...

man i can't belive this i am starting to see adds pop up like randomly man what is this some kind site for ads that randomly invadeing insructables and tell em that owener of this site kick the adds outta here>>....<<:

 Instructables is forever changing, just like every website on the internet.  They have to, in order to prevent being outdated.