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Is is possible to build a mini generator for my 3V adapter? Answered

I have a 3v adapter I use for small electronics when I don't want to drain the batteries. Is it possible to build a mini generator to plug the adapter into when I'm on the road? So I don't have to use up so many batteries? Some kind of super battery I guess.


Yes. I built a wind generator out of a small stepper motor taken from a printer. We have a lot of wind here in Hawai'i.
I hooked the generator to a NiCad battery pack to tame the voltage coming out of the generator.
This charged the batteries and allowed the use of my radio at the voltage the radio needed. Plus it looked cool at Ala Moana Beach Park.
I made a few friends that day.

You could replace the battery with 2x 2 NiMH rechargables?


Well mostly I want this for my camera that eats batteries, even rechargeables.

Build an ever bigger "brick" of batteries that works through the adapter? Camera needs a smooth & stable supply, if it's power-hungry you might have trouble with a practical generator that keeps-up. L

The brick of batteries is what I want, know any good tutorials for building one. Thanks.

Not that I know of, but see what someone did here - does it give you any ideas about making one yourself?


Thanks Lemonie, it looks like that will work well.

You could buy one of those wind-up "Charge your cell phone anywhere!" gizmos and modify it to charge a second set of batteries. Or, as Lemonie suggests, use a secondary battery pack. Lead-acid gel cells would be a good choice. A pair of hawker 2.2V 5 Amp-hour cells would do the job rather nicely if connected thru a 3V regulator. Pack size would work out to about 4" x 4" x 2"

If by "on-the-road" you mean literally on the road, as in driving an auto, then just build a 3V regulator to run off the cigarette lighter/accessories port

Sorry, I just meant out and about, no car involved here.

Yes, and there are several projects here on the site. If you're on the road, I suggest you search for solar charger.