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Is it Possible to Soft-Mod a xbox with a vista computer? Answered

if so how? I have IDE and SATA drive slots, and the instructions on this website are pretty old.


2 Bunny

7 years ago

Softmodding your Xbox only requires that you have at least one Free USB plug.

- 2 Bunny


8 years ago

If your machine has both IDE and SATA connectors, it will probably treat the IDE ones as optical drives, which your Xbox is not. You'll need a computer that has IDE and not SATA connectors in it to hotswap the Xbox. And I am not sure if Vista has any prohibitive features (bugs) that would prevent an IDE computer from soft-modding your console. Ask your friends if you can use their IDE-only computers to do this. Ultimately, it shouldn't be hard to find a junk IDE-based computer that someone is about to throw away. Try using that and keep to the Instructable you linked to.