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Is it at all possible to buy a new laptop with XP these days? Answered

I want it for playing downloaded movies (netflix) on my tv at home. But also I'd want it to be a backup computer in case I need it for my accounting office, where all the computers on the network are XP.


As nice as it would be to go back to the days when XP was truly the zenith of Microsofts' OS capabilities, we are, unfortunately, burdened with nothing but Vista these days. The only laptops I have seen that come installed are second hand ones.

If you want a new machine with XP I think you might have to suck it up and do a format and reinstall. A word of caution though, I have tried this on a machine that was made for Vista and had many problems with drivers to get it to work (though once working it was amazing).
I recommend you research the drivers you need before any formatting. The biggie's are:
  • chipset
  • graphics card
  • LAN drivers (ethernet)

alternatively: Maybe just find a semi-old lappy and modify it with some new RAM and a larger HD.

Hope it turns out. Good luck!

XP why? get with the times, useing XP is like drinking milk thats two weeks past the best before date

Yes, almost all the net books (that has the new Intel atom processor) came with XP since they don’t support vista.


8 years ago

You can buy a netbook or a ULCPC(Ultra Low Cost Personal Computer)!

Many businesses have not transitioned to Vista. For those customers, vendors offer "downgrade rights" which allow running XP. Despite the name, computers with downgrade rights usually have XP installed (and supported!), with a license for Vista as well.

Choose a top computer vendor, then look through their business models. For example, Dell's Vostro and Latitude are sold with XP, as are HP's EliteBook and others. Many of these vendors will also have "home" or "consumer" models with XP, since they are similar to their business models. In fact, Dell has a program aimed at home and small office customers who want XP - you have to buy the Vista Ultimate license, but have downgrade rights and support for both OS version.


BS! My family just bought a new Dell laptop, and we got the XP downgrade. It has stickers that say "Windows Vista" on it, but I'm using it right now, and I can assure you it's an XP operating system.

Uh dude i think the walmart here in Illinois has a few. there like half the size of a laptop though since they only need less RAM and CPU power. u could get a 2.0 Ghz dual core XP thats only like 10 inches long man

you could get a acer mini laptop from target or walmart with xp on it i dont know if thats what you want for videos but it has xp on the laptop and it works great!


9 years ago

As far as I know, the only computers (laptop or desktop) that are being sold with XP these days are the tiny laptops called netbooks. They would not have the power to drive even a normal sized tv, let alone a large hdtv, and they are so small that they are difficult to type on. Depending on hardware requirements, you *might* be able to get away with using one for a backup, but they have really low specs, so check it out first.

Actually, I've run my Acer 1000H at full HD resolution (1920x1080) on a 23" LCD monitor w/o a problem. I actually used it as my main computer for several months this year while I was moving across country. I did upgrade it's ram to 2gb (from the stock 1gb) but it could do full screen video and it handled running things like the Gimp, Firefox, word processors etc... It certainly wasn't a hardcore gaming machine (although it can run WoW) but it worked just fine and it came with XP.

Dell.com lets you choose your O.S. on some machines. They offer Vista that is downgradable to XP.

but downgrading of course like 150 more :(

interesting that downgrading costs more. hmmm. . .

XP is still available and offered on laptops by almost every major company. unfortunately the only ones that have it are their ultra-portable models. which means it'll have a smaller hard drive and less ram.

dell sells pc with xp preinstalled

What you could try, get a laptop with any operating software, delete vista (VISTA SUX) and just install XP off a disc, now to get the disc look everywhere, eBay, Staples, Microsoft (you have to work there, or a friend who does can take you in.) Or... just look around for one that comes with XP pre-installed, or just... idk anymore...

Oh I almost forgot.. I have an Alienware computer, and I have been extremely satisfied with it, and it has XP! I use it for games, movies, music, MAKE-ing, and stuff like that. I got mine used from the place where my dad works, and I have no problems, except it has a lot of fans, so it gets hot, and the batteries last for like a minute, but I don't need them. Besides it has a big screen, 6 speakers at least, and is capable of using a remote. I love it!

Getting brand new ones with XP is a no-go nowadays because Vista has Directx 10 support and XP doesn't (DAMN YOU VISTA XP RAWKS) But next year a new OS, Windows 7 is coming out and it is great!!( judging from reviews and my tests)

You can buy most netbooks with XP preinstalled, but they are pretty small, and i don't know if that is what you want.

Hi! I use Linux, Vista, XP, and OSX all very regularly for different purposes. I bought Vista Ultimate Retail @ full price before the service packs and only had a few issues, all of which, save one (a driver issue due to a unsatisfactory manufacturer) have been remedied by the updates. I'm not sure what you would specifically like to accomplish with XP but I bet you could probably do it with Vista. If you are concerned about the resource-intensity of Vista, many of its post-XP features can be disabled to make it less bloated (although Linux takes the cake in that respect.) If you still believe you don't want Vista, look into the fact that OEM's soon plan to ship new Vista PC's with a free upgrade to windows 7. I just hope you aren't anti-Vista because of what you've heard through the media. I'm on 5 days of uptime without issues as I write this, and I often get weeks without shutdown on this Vista box. I get months on Linux and some get years but believe me its not for everyone. I would seriously give Vista a shot and I doubt you will be dissatisfied. Staying behind the curve will only lead to greater hassles in the future and I see no reason to do so anyways. You may end up like the guy who still insists that typewriters are the way to go.

You can't buy brand NEW ones but you can buy one with Vista, uninstall Vista and then install XP. Look it up on Youtube.

Ibuypower.com is a great website wic˙ allows you to buy computers wit˙ xp p.s. on of t˙e keys on my keyboard dosnt work and makes a '

Yes it is! In future shop, they are still selling BRAND NEW laptops that run xp!


9 years ago

There are a couple of notebooks with XP, mostly netbooks because they don't got the best grafic cards. However, i would go with Vista, even when most people won't believe, its good. It may have been bad, but thats fixed now. Its like XP wich was crap before the servicepacks.... But if you HAVE to use XP because something doesn't run on Vista (usually the developer of the app is the one to blame, not microsoft) you can still get XP CDs and licences on internet stores. Most companys still provide XP drivers for theyr systems, even for notebooks who ship Vista.

barely even the net books you would have to change it out yourself

you could buy one of those netbooks

Microsoft stopped selling licenses for xp a while back...to buy WITH it will be difficult, but you can still get an oem copy license to install yourselff.


9 years ago

if you buy a netbook, most likely. otherwise, a business class pc will be your best bet

I think you can...if you cant, spend $90 on a windows xp disk and download the wireless driver on 1 computer and install it on your computer....

Last I checked, there were still a few models -- mostly aimed at businesses, since they're the ones who have been most able to push back -- which ship with Vista installed but come with a "downgrade" license that permits you to replace Vista with XP. The other solution, of course, is to punt MS entirely and go to Linux. Depending on what you want to do, that's getting to be pretty practical at this point.